News and Requests from the Field Nov 2014

Dear friends of our mission in Recife Brazil, I hope this finds all of you well as the holiday season approaches. Kathy and I are fine and looking forward to sharing some holiday traditions from the USA with some of our Brazilian brethren and colleagues starting today with Thanksgiving. Brazilians do not celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope all of you have a blessed time with your loved ones. This year we’ll have to depend on Skype to see our family. Hugs and kisses will have to wait for our next visit to the states. Let me tell you a couple of things about the work. It has been an especially good year. So many people have come to study with us and there have been so many conversions. Two new congregations have started and two more groups of people are studying who we believe will make the transition to being just simple Christians obeying and then sharing with those around them the pure and simple gospel of Jesus Christ. God be praised for the restoration of simple Bible beliefs we have seen this year! The second thing I want to tell you is about some difficulties we are having that perhaps you can help us with. This may be the most difficult year financially we have had since beginning the EBNESR training school. We have used up almost all of our reserves and there are still bills to pay. The work of the school has not been harmed as yet but we did have to lay off a very important servant of our school. With your help we may be able to avoid additional cuts. We need everyone. As you may be considering some additional giving as the year ends let me ask that you prayerfully consider a special donation or even increasing you monthly donation for the next year. Know this: your donation is helping many people prepare for eternity with God and escape the terrible alternative. Please do what you can and here is how. You can send a check clearly earmarked for the Recife Brazil work. Send it too: Bellevue Church of Christ 7401 Highway 70 South Nashville, TN 37221 If you need a letter of receipt for tax purposes just include a note asking for one and the treasurer will send it out to you immediately. One more thing: despite our financial difficulties we will be celebrating our largest ever graduation on December 6. Pray for these 19 graduates as they become even more involved in the preaching of the pure and simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for always showering us with blessings through your prayers, support and friendship. Blessings Randy Randy Joseph Short President, EBNESR Ministry Training School future EBNESR Christian College FACE Faculdade Cristã EBNESR Fone: (81) 9182-5409 personal Office: (81) 3342-5269 or 3341-5269 While in States: 704-562-1858 Skype: randy.short1 Facebook: Web: