Thanksgiving from Chile

Please offer up a prayer of thanks giving.
  1. Roger and Keith, two of the ministers were just here from California. They were an encouragement to us and the work here. It was great to have people who are interested in the work come and experience it 1st hand.
    Encouragement from California
  2. Thanks to God for the work he did in that Campaign. It was a great success in unifying some of the church in Santiago. We had an average of 50-60 people come to the building every evening come to the church to hear the word of God. Also the 1st night we had 40+ visitors. Pray for the fruit of the campaign.
  3. Also today Christian and Sandra were baptized. They have been studying for a while now but finally made the commitment. God has big plans for them in the work of the kingdom.
    Christian and Sandra
  4. Keep Felipe Montecinos in your pray the are going to operate on him some time in the next 2 weeks to extract the brain tumor (benign).
  5. We are going on a vacation with Tae's folks for 10 days. Pray for our trip.

God bless you all,

Love the Chileperks

Zane and Tae Perkins and Family