Update on prison courses

Dear brethren, Hope and pray you and yours are doing well in Jesus. This is a small update about our AIBI prison project. Two weeks ago, due to prisoner's transfer to other prisons the number of our students went down to seven in the Federal Prison of Athens. Last week, six of our seven students were found innocents and declared free in the court and they will be out soon. Last Wednesday, I had a conversation with them and they are all planning to continue with us in the school as soon as they are out. God willing, I am expecting to see all of them tomorrow (Sunday) at the evening service (gave them the address and all the needed information). So, right now we have only one student inside the prison and he has done most of the Bible History 1 course. The whole project has difficulties that I did not anticipate when we decided to start the studies inside (different sections needs different people in charge for every section, inmates transfer to other prisons etc) but we continue, trusting in the Lord, knowing that out of every effort He will be glorified. Please continue to keep this ministry in your prayers. We thank you for your love and service to Jesus Christ. Love Beni, Sonila