Aiming for Sydney - Jeremy and Oxana Desjarlais

Latest News…

We hope all of you had a good holiday season. The holidays have been good to us. They have certainly kept us busy. As most of you know the majority of the year I have had to work two full-time jobs and have been going to graduate school as well. However, thanks to the generosity of Chris Swinford and Dwight Whitsett at the Sunset International Bible Institute I received a small financial gift that set me free from one of my full-time jobs back in the middle of October that have allowed me to finally get on the fundraising trail. The first couple of months were spent on producing a DVD video presentation to include in my fundraising packet. (If you have not had a chance to see our video yet, please visit our website

With the holidays finally over we have finally been able to start getting the word out about the work to which we have been called. So far it has been a mixed bag. I have run into a great deal of difficulty getting a hold of the people that I need to talk to in the congregations that I have called. I have repeatedly left messages and not had any response and others to say no without even hearing what it is that we are doing and what we are even asking for. However, there have been a few bright lights so far. We currently have the Agrentine Church of Christ behind us and a few individuals who have expressed their desire to partner with us in that effort. We thank those who have joined so far and pray for the Lord’s blessing upon you!

On a very positive note, this past week I have had the opportunity to attend the Sunset International Bible Institute forum here in Lubbock, TX. Thus I was able to meet a lot of people who I had never meet before and many that I had known in the past or gone to school with, who I had not seen in a while. Therefore I was blessed by being able to meet Graham Wall, one 2 of the current students at Macqurie, and Ron Bainbridge, minister from Western Australia.

So it was a good time of interaction and renewal. Additionally it has been a good time for our team Dwight Whitsett, Craig Peters, and I to spend quality time together building relationships and planning for the future. Hopefully good things will come from these renewed relationships and opportunity to work on team dynamics.

The News of Others…

Our Teammates Craig and Tomya Peters are one step closer to being able to make the move to Australia. Their visa was approved this pas month, which is a major step in the process. They now simply have to wrap up raising the rest of their monthly support. Right now they are hoping to be able to make the move to Australia in March. Please check out their website as well

Prayer Requests…

This coming week Oxana has her interview for American citizenship. Please pray that this goes well so that we can begin the next phase of working toward obtaining our Australian visas.

We then first and foremost need to find a congregation who will be willing to act as our sponsoring congregation.

We then need your prayers for those who we contact that they may open their hearts and minds and at least prayerfully consider partnering with us.

We also need your prayers that the Lord would lead us to those who will be willing to help us in our efforts. (This may go without saying, but please share our plans with anyone and everyone who you think might even have the slightest desire to help support a work such as ours.) Thanks in advance for your efforts.

Please also begin praying for those who we will reach once on the ground in Sydney. The new converts to Christ, the new students in the school, and the strengthening of the Church in the entire region.

For the Kingdom Down Under,
Jeremy and Oxana Desjarlais

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