Recife Brazil update

Dear friends and family, This holiday weekend finds us in Campinas, SP. This weekend we attended the ENOC and ENOCA (men and women) retreats. Next week we will participate in the CRE intensive study for church leaders. We return to Recife around midnight on Saturday night. I would like to invite each of you to visit a blog that I have created and will update periodically. The first post is about the LAR Mana Children’s Home. It has been very near to our hearts as we have been involved in this project since it began. It is not too late to come down for the 20th EBNESR anniversary, 11th graduation and our ground breaking ceremony for the new EBNESR building all on the weekend of June 16th. Let us know if you are interested and if we can help in any way. Blessings, Kathy & Randy Short