Mission Indonesia Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, At this time I am preparing to make my annual fund raising journey to the States. I will arrive on June 12th and start contacting all the churches involved with the work of Mission Indonesia. If you know of any congregation that might be interested in becoming part of this work please send me an email at wlbolt@gmail.com My cell phone in the USA is 304 288 2221 on June 13th. Batam Bible College is running smoothly as this is the first year we haven't had any students leave in the middle of the term for which we are thankful. We will also be looking forward to the graduation of four students with a Bachelors Degree. We are also developing our church development program across the country. The attachment shows how we are calling the entire church men and women to participate in following Jesus. At this time we are preparing our instructors to also be church developers during their off times from the Batam Bible College, where they will spend two to four weeks working with congregations across the country. My wife Lusi is doing much better. Her thyroid problem is under control and thankfully no other problems have arisen. Her cancer is under control at this time and we will check on the two tumors when I return in November. I am also doing well as after my check up in December the doctor was a little amazed that everything was normal for which I am deeply thankful to the Lord. I pray that Mission Indonesia is a blessing to all of you. Thank you. Please read our attached newsletter. Your servant in Christ, Dr. Winston Bolt
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