Behailu: A Servant of God

Behailu teaching in EthiopiaTruman Scott was acquainted with the ministry of Behailu Abebe in Ethiopia from the beginning, when the congregation in Stockton, California, where Truman and Ferne were members and where they married, sponsored the first missionaries to Ethiopia in 1961. He was associated in ministry with many of the workers in Ethiopia across the years. When Truman was the international dean at Sunset International Bible Institute, SIBI agreed to partner with Behailu and John Ed Clark in preacher training in Ethiopia. Truman was the first guest speaker under that agreement. Through the years, Truman longed to see a record of the work in Ethiopia written and published. He considered it a privilege to write Behailu’s biography. He had long regarded the Behailu-John Ed Clark team and the work in Ethiopia as a model for missions.

Behailu assisting a deaf student.Sunset has had a keen interest in the development of the mission work in Ethiopia. They have teamed with Behailu and John Ed Clark in significant programs of preacher training and in providing solar players to preachers and teachers with the SIBI curriculum of forty courses translated into Amharic. Truitt describes Behailu’s latest work with the solar players as “the crown jewel of his long and very fruitful ministry. Putting together a library of commentaries and study guides covering the entire Bible in Amharic, both in print and audio form, may well be the greatest single need for the development of the rapidly growing churches in Ethiopia.”

Sunset Institute Press just published a biography about Behailu Abebe, written by the late Truman Scott, entitled Behailu: A Servant of God, the Story of a Man of God on the Mission Edges of Ethiopia. This is the story of Behailu’s life as the son of a wealthy judge and governor, his spiritual crisis and conversion, his preparation for ministry, his emergence as a leader of a religious movement, his leadership during a communist government, his leadership during a national famine relief, his becoming an exile in Kenya, his return and directing of many development programs in Ethiopia, his leaving his homeland for medical treatment, and his hope to return permanently to his people in Ethiopia.

Behailu with Darlene MorrisThis book was Dr. Truman Scott’s last book to write before his death on September 13, 2016. Brother Scott wrote this manuscript to honor his long-time friend. Their friendship began in 1961 as they worked together bringing the Gospel to Ethiopia. The Stockton, California, congregation where Truman worshiped sponsored the first two missionaries to Ethiopia. Through the years, that congregation has stayed active in the mission field of Ethiopia. This book is the second book in a series called Profiles in Missions, which depicts a person or a work that has made a difference in the course of a nation. The first book in the series, The Gray Eagle, is the biography of Cline Paden. It was also written by Truman Scott. Another one of his books is Preach the Word, the history of the Sunset International Bible Institute and its worldwide impact.

Darlene Morris, Editor for Sunset Institute Press

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