Jul-Aug 2012 Newsletter

The African Report Newsletter: Jerry V. Hogg, 462 Amanda Circle, Knoxville, TN 37922 Email: jvhogg@charter.net July-August 2012 Sponsored by: Sunset Church of Christ, Sunset International Bible Institute, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410 WINTER’S WINDY WEATHER Never in my life have I been so cold! Some days I thought maybe our 27 June flight had landed us on the Antarctica continent instead of the tip of Africa! Without space heaters and electric under-blankets, we would have been most miserable. There are several broken and cracked windows in this ol’ house under the chestnut tree that need replacing (a job for warmer weather), and the wind came whistling through. We pulled heavy drapes over the windows, closed off as many doors as we could to shut out the wind, but still felt the cold blasts! SNOW IN SOUTH AFRICA One day in early August there came an unexpected snowstorm. In the winter months (June-July-August), it snows frequently in the Drakensberg Mountains between here and Cape Town, but we never expected to see snow this far north. Just as I came home from the 10:00 a.m. Chapel service, I told Ann it was snowing, but it was so light she looked out and couldn’t see anything. Only on the windshield of the car did it show up as tiny flakes. However, the SABC campus accumulated enough snow later that day, Joey was able to build a snowman, complete with forks for hands, and small rocks for the eyes and mouth (we don’t have coal on campus), and one of his warm toboggans on its head. He enjoyed that a lot. It was an unusual treat for all the children! It snowed off and on all day, and then the sun would come out and melt everything. It went on like that for several hours, until about 4:30 to 5:00 when the snow really came down hard and fast, and began covering the ground. Our students were skating on the brick-paved parking lot, throwing snowballs at each other, and acting like children. They’d never seen snow before, though most are in their ‘20's! KILBOURNES’ VISIT About two years ago, Larry York made an appointment at a church near Corbin and London, Kentucky. The Flatwoods church had sent money at one time, I believe it was for the Malawi famine. We wanted to follow-up and visit them, so we did. They are not what you’d call a large congregation, but have a great love for the Lost, and a keen desire to help others in need. We met a family at Flatwoods whose names are Kendall & Gwyn Kilbourne and three children: Hayden (14), a daughter named Reagan (10) and Luke (6). Again this year, Larry and I went to the Flatwoods church for a speaking schedule, and visited in the Kilbournes’ home. He has a trophy room with mounted animals of all kinds from many different countries. We learned the next safari hunt was in South Africa and the whole family was coming with Kendall! That was good news for us and we invited them to stay on campus with us for a week after the hunt. They also wanted to visit the Squatter Camp we had talked about in our presentation. AFRICAN SAFARI Scheduled to arrive on 14 July, after some delays in their flights, the Kilbournes finally landed at Joburg airport on 18 July. We met them and assumed responsibility for 3 of their big suitcases, which we stowed in our former flat where they would stay. Those cases contained teaching materials and warm clothing for the children at the Squatter Camp. They caught a flight for Durban where their safari guide met them for the safari hunt in Kwa-Zulu Natal. On this adventure, Hayden, the 14-year-old son, killed the first Kudu. Altogether, they bagged several animals to add to their trophy room. ZENZELE SQUATTER CAMP The Kilbournes arrived back in Benoni 26 July and stayed in our former flat and the one next door. It was convenient for them to attend chapel and get to know some of the students. On Friday, we all went to visit the Squatter Camp where we helped to serve lunch for the 200+ children as they came home from school that day. They were orderly and lined up properly to receive their plate of food. Several ladies are on hand to help cook and serve these meals 6 days a week, and to hand out clothing donated by Christians in the area and from folks in the USA. This is a project started several years ago by Linda King, assisted by her husband, Tom, a Benoni deacon at the time. He was transferred by his company to Scotland last year. At that time, this work was assumed by Lance Archer, a Benoni member, and Andrew, a SABC graduate who lives in Zenzele. This is a worthwhile ongoing work of the Benoni church. Food items and clothing are collected by Benoni members every week for distribution at the camp. Kendall moved about taking photos of every aspect of this work on the occasion of their visit there, while Gwyn and I (Jerry) helped serve the meal to the kids. The teaching material the Kilbournes brought was given to Lance for his use in teaching the Bible classes 2 or 3 times during the week and on Sundays. Lance and Andrew also conduct singing and worship services for the kids and for those parents who come. We had planned to return on Tuesday before the Kilbournes left for the States on Thursday, 2 August, but learned there was some marching and unrest in the area that day and we were advised not to venture out at that time with the Kilbourne kids and our Joey. The visit on Friday made an impression with all our kids – one they won’t soon forget. They saw what life is really like here, especially if you live in a squatter camp or an African area in general! A FIRE ON CAMPUS One windy day we spotted smoke on the soccer field behind the main campus building. It seems a grass fire had "jumped" the road on the north side of the campus and was quickly moving thru our property. At this time of year, veld fires ("field fires" they are called) are common here, either set deliberately by some farmer, or owner of a small plot, to burn off the dead grass and bushes to clean-up and renew the land, or by a carelessly thrown cigarette. Fred Bergh (SABC Director) and I went to investigate. As we watched, a blaze came under the concrete fence at the back of the main building, and we put it out. It seemed to be heading for the road on the south side of campus, so we went on about our business. When I got home, I looked and saw that the fire had once again creeped under that fence and the wind came up about that time to push it on toward the grassy lawn on the north side of campus. Ann began having breathing problems from all that smoke, so I got her and Joey in the van and we left campus. Several of our maintenance workers were out beating at the flames that had surrounded one of the other houses on that side of the property. A blast of fire then ran down the outside fence "row" (as my mother used to call it) on our side of campus, but it did not jump the fence or come near our home. There was one small outbuilding on the north side that burned. But, it was a scary time. SABC is located outside the municipality of Benoni, so calling out the fire trucks would be such an expense, and we felt our guys could handle a "small brush fire"! They did. Now, we have a whole strip of BLACK grass there. However, the farmers know best – the green will begin showing up in that part of the lawn quicker than other areas! UNDER THE OL’ CHESTNUT TREE I knew it was too good to be true – life was just going great! One good, heavy rain showed us where the flaws were in this old house under the chestnut tree! Late one Wednesday afternoon recently, we saw clouds on the horizon as we came home from Bible Study. We had barely gotten in the door before the rain began to fall. Now, you must remember, this is Wintertime in South Africa, and it doesn’t rain in the wintertime here, from May until September or October!! (Ask Larry York about that one – he knows.) But, here it was, coming down very heavily upon our tin roof! It rained all that night, the next day, and into the third day, so there was a lot of rain. It was only a little while after the rain started that we began to hear the drip-drip-drip in 3 of the 11 rooms in this house, and in the early morning light, we found puddles in the floor. We’ve got to get some roofing repaired before we leave here in October, else when the "real" rainy season begins, we’ll be swamped! FUTURE PLANS Larry York has speaking engagements arranged for me once I land in Knoxville. Before that, we’ve got 5 doctor appointments lined up for our grandson, Joey, with his dentist, the Oral Surgeon, eye doctor (he wears glasses), his primary-care doctor, and a podiatrist (he has some foot problems). And, this is all within the first week. We land on 23 October and will begin speaking even from that first Sunday. We thank you for all your support and prayers for all of us. Love, – Jerry, Ann & Joey Jerry P.O. Box 11165 Rynfield, Benoni 1514 South Africa 076-978-3465 jvhogg@charter.net Training Able Spokesmen For God In Africa SOUTHERN AFRICA BIBLE COLLEGE SABC Information: sabcinfo@iburst.co.za www.southernafricabiblecollege.org