Update from Phil Geeck

Dear Brethren,

Greetings. I thought I would bring you up to date in respect to Holly, our daughter-in-law. When we petitioned you for prayers, the situation did not look good. Basically, her liver shut down and the doctors were having trouble stabilizing it. After five days trying different treatments, they gave her two blood transfusions which seemed to jump-start her liver into action After eight days in the hospital, she returned home, on December 27th, to begin her long road to recovery. During the whole ordeal, she lost nearly sixty pounds. She is starting to regain some of that weight back.

In April, Holly will go back to a specialist to determine if she will need a liver transplant. We are hoping that she won't have that need. Part of the strain is that she and Terry don't have insurance and the cost of eight days of hospitalization and a new cost of hospitalization and a transplant will be overwhelming. We are confident that God will provide one way or another. They are trying to get on an Oregon state supported health plan. If this works, it will greatly help to cover any future costs.

Please continue prayers on our behalf. We cherish our past association with you and thank you for your spiritual support.

In His Service,
Phil '71 graduate, Nan, Terry, and Holly Geeck