July 2012 Monthly Letter

Jerry & Ann Hogg P. O. Box 11165 * Rynfield 1514 Benoni, Republic of South Africa Email: jvhogg@charter.net * Cell: 011-791-9735 July 31, 2012 Dear Brethren: Time is marching on. Our stay in South Africa is about half gone. Teaching and preaching has occupied our days. We trust it has been of help to others. At least, that's what many tell me at the end of each lesson. It looks like we'll be able to stay until October as planned. Lots of things are scheduled before that date. I'll be flying to Malawi in September at the invitation of the sponsors in Indiana, to teach for a week there. It will be good to visit that work once again, and to see how things are progressing. Then, of course, the annual Southern Africa Bible College Lectureship comes at the end of September. Ann and I are already receiving lessons from the speakers. She has begun her editing/formatting process. July was surely the coldest month we have ever spent in South Africa. Without space heaters and an electric underblanket, it would be most miserable. I think of those folks in the squatter camps and out in the bush, especially the kids who go to bed cold with no way to get warm, without a hot meal to warm their tummies. Many places do not have electricity and must depend upon open fires or butane burners for heat and cooking. The Benoni church has given blankets, knitted scarves & hats, socks, and a lot of other warm clothing to one camp. Africa is a tough place to live in the wintertime! One project begun years ago by a deacon's wife, Linda King, has grown a lot and they now feed around 200+ kids every day, 5 days a week, as the children come home from school, teaching them a Bible lesson once or twice each week. Then, on Sundays, a Benoni member (Lance) and a SABC graduate (Andrew) who lives in the area, conduct Sunday worship services for the children and their families. A meal is served afterwards. Tom & Linda King were transferred to Scotland last year by his job. At that time, Lance and Andrew began to handle this good work. We have visited the Zenzeli Squatter camp several times. In mid-July, Kendall & Gwyn Kilbourne, and their 3 kids (Hayden, Reagan and Luke) visited South Africa for a hunt in the Kwa-Zulu Natal area, and to visit our work for a week. This was great news for us. Larry York and I have visited the Flatwoods church in KY where the Kilbournes attend, and have been in their home. They are fine folks who love the Lord. Kendall is a pharmacist who enjoys hunting, big-time game safaris. He has a trophy room in their home with mounted animals from many countries. After some delays, the Kilbournes arrived 17 July at the Joburg airport. We met them and assumed responsibility for 3 of their big suitcases (with teaching material and clothing for the Squatter Camp) that we stowed in our old flat, where they would stay the week they visited SABC. They caught a flight to Durban and were met by their safari guide for the hunt. The oldest Kilbourne son is 14 and is following in his father's steps. He shot the first Kudu on this hunt. Altogether, they "bagged" several animals. On 26 July, they flew back to visit us in Benoni. One of their goals was to visit the Zenzeli Squatter camp, in addition to attending SABC daily chapel and perhaps some of the classes. Kendall made lots of photos at the camp to show this project to the Flatwoods church. We were all saddened by the poor conditions in the camp, especially the children (theirs and our grandson, Joey). They returned to KY 2 August. At home, under the chestnut tree, daily life trudges onward. Even on days when I'm not teaching, I attend chapel to enjoy the spiritual fellowship with staff and students. Denise, our kitchen manager, always provides us with a cuppa tea or coffee each day after chapel, and we have a chance to chat and discuss any number of issues that might arise during the day. She also cooks the main meal of the day for the students, who eat after classes are dismissed at 1:00. The afternoons are devoted to study and sermon or class preparation for the next time. I am teaching Biblical Archaeology this semester, and devoting a lot of time reading the book of Psalms in preparation for 5 lectures to fulfill my Lectureship assignments in September, as well as other speaking engagements. I stay busy. Joey has been to the dentist twice since we came in June and has 2 teeth "erupting" - teeth he should have cut when he was 9 or 10 years old. One has been somewhat painful for him, but the dentist was pleased to see the new teeth, and says he's doing okay with his brushing and irrigating. He doesn't complain often, but we have prescription Ibuprofen for him when he does have pain. Support has come in regularly and keeps us here, working and doing what we came to do each month. We thank everyone for your prayers, love and support of the Hoggs in Africa. God bless all our efforts for Him. Teaching the Word in Africa, Jerry V. Hogg P.S. Please send all donations made payable to: Sunset Church of Christ, SIBI Financial Office, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410. Attn: Africa Fund/J. Hogg.