Danger! Keep Off!

Mission work is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage, boldness and a faith willing to take a step where most in the world would retreat to safety. Daniel Peters from the Auckland AIM team probably shouldn't be in the hanggliders ramp, but his picture reminds me of the heart that you have to have to choose to leave what is comfortable and be thrown into a new and different world for the cause of Christ.

One of the perils of mission work is the travel back and forth. It is tedious, tiring and often trouble filled. Most AIMers, missionaries and mission workers at our international schools have stories of botched travel plans and long times stuck in airports. The final leg of my trip to Australia and New Zealand is taking longer than was planned. We experienced a "airplane food transport issue" which delayed us for more than 4 hours and as a result the majority of the folks on the plane missed connections and are spending the night in LA. Lord willing, I will finally reach Lubbock late on Sunday.

We were overseas during the Sept. 11 attacks and while travel is easier in some ways, precaution carries a price. It is getting harder and harder to travel. The cost and trouble is causing more than a few mission minded people and mission minded congregations to stay home rather than seek to fulfill our commission. We must be willing to face the dangers and "stay on" the mission. Jesus didn't qualify his commission with the words "if it is cheap or convenient", we are to take the good news to others despite inconvenience. As I sit here in LA, I say a prayer of thankfulness for the two AIM teams, church planting team and international ministry training school that I have spent time with in recent weeks. They have all faced trials and sufferings far greater than overnighting in LA and remain faithful to the commission. Praise God for these faithful soldiers willing to face danger, despair and disappointment. Be careful Daniel... but not too careful. There's a commission to keep.