Jun 2012 Monthly Ltr

Jerry & Ann Hogg P. O. Box 11165 * Rynfield 1514 Benoni, Republic of South Africa email: jvhogg@charter.net * Cell: 011-791-9735 June 30, 2012 Dear Brethren: Again, we hear South Africa calling! After having gone thru 2 surgeries to partially remove 2 cysts and implant drainage tubes in our grandson Joey's mouth, and with me travelling every weekend raising funds, we were more than ready to board that plane in Knoxville and head to Wash. DC for our connecting flight back home to SA again. This time, we hope to stay until the middle of October with no interruptions. Al & Donna Horne were the first familiar faces we saw as we came through Customs on Wednesday night, the 27th of June. Actually, they were there to meet and pick up a young couple that their supporting church (Memorial) is also sponsoring, heading for Blantyre, Malawi to work in an orphanage. Theo Rappard, one of SABC's teachers, had driven our van out to collect us and all our luggage this time. The trip seems to get longer each time, but we all fared pretty well, and got some sleep. First, we went to our "new" home, under the chestnut tree, to offload the luggage, did a quick wash-up and change, then made it to Benoni in time for Bible Class. Everyone was glad to see us once again, and we were happy to be here. That first week, we attended 2 funerals and a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for Sam & Kathy Wishart. He is retiring (after 13 years at SABC) for the second time, and moving to Cape Town, where 3 of their 4 children live. Sam worked in the public school system's administration until retirement age, and then came to SABC to help us attain the academic accreditation. After his first retirement, SABC was happy to hire someone who knew details about what the government requires. According to plans now, he will work part-time with Al Horne (President) and Fred Bergh (Director) as an Off-Campus Advisor to keep us "legal". It just so happens that our arrival fell just in the middle of winter holidays in South Africa, therefore, I have a few days to get my outlines and correspondence in order before the students arrive back for the third term, Joey's school is also on holiday, and we hope to get him registered and ready to roll about the 16th of July. While we were away, some of the staff here worked with the maintenance workers, getting our double sinks installed, curtains hung in all the rooms throughout the house, and installed 2 folding doors that we needed (shhh! one was for the bathroom in the back). How this home ever existed for so long without a door of any kind there is beyond me, as most visitors come to the back door first - that's how this house is situated. No one comes to the front! A Benoni member, who is a plumber, bought the double-sinks to fit the cabinet unit we were given, and installed all that, stopped a bad leak under the sink in the back bathroom, and a new commode in the front bath. A Benoni family donated a large round marble dining table with 6 chairs and some living room stuff. When we left here, the dining room was just a big empty room that we had to pass through to get to the living room, office and the two large bedrooms. Now, it really looks like it should. We have just about filled all the rooms with furniture, thanks to our kind and generous friends here in South Africa. We still need some prints, mirrors, and decorative stuff. One SA family even bought one of our return tickets. Your understanding and acceptance of our quick trip home to get Joey's surgery done, and your continued support of our work here is much appreciated. We could not do it without so many giving regularly, as well as lots of one-time donations. I am personally indebted to Edward Nkosi for finishing out my Jeremiah classes, and others at SABC who helped fill the gap during my absence. Your continued prayers for Joey and for us is much appreciated. We are blessed in so many ways. Thank you for remembering us to the Father. Teaching the Word in Africa, Jerry V. Hogg P.S. Please send all donations made payable to: Sunset Church of Christ, SIBI Financial Office, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410. Attn: Africa Fund/J. Hogg.