Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle * Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 * Cell: 865-809-4603 Email: June 7, 2012 Dear Ones: At this time, we are still in the States, but plan to return to Africa by the end of June. We are working with our travel agent to finalize the date of June 26th. Unfortunately, this being the high season for travel, the cost for our tickets is much higher. I have tried to get that lowered, but there is only one slightly lower-cost date, 26th of June, and I cannot get 75D seating at that time. My agent said that’s the only date with a reduced price. We have sufficient funds and have paid for the tickets, but need to replace it. On the 22th of May, Dr. Trondson did a second procedure to insert the drainage tubes into the two largest tumors in Joey’s mouth. It is such a relief to know Joey does not have cancer. The biopsy showed the cysts (or tumors) in his mouth were all benign. We are helping him to clean his mouth by using a syringe filled with saline solution or the prescribed mouth rinse three times daily directly into the tubes. Dr. Trondson wanted to see him one more time, on Tuesday, May 29, to determine if everything is okay for him to travel, and that we are working properly to keep everything clean and the cysts "irrigated" as ordered. Then, he says, we are free to go back to South Africa! If something comes up, we know we have the best dentists over there who will help us. Of course, it won’t be covered by insurance, but will come out-of-pocket. So, we’re praying nothing extreme happens in the next 4 months. Please continue to pray for Joey that he has no complications during our stay in SA. On the first of May, 5 people came to Knoxville from the Memorial church in Houston to host a fund-raising dinner for the Southern Africa Bible College. They were: Fred Bergh, director of SABC was here in the USA, Al & Donna Horne, president of the college, and Kirk & Christie Eason, who work at Memorial to raise funds stateside for the college. Larry & I called and/or wrote emails to our local supporters and those at West End, our home congregation, inviting them personally. We were pleased with the attendance (about 90) at this dinner, some from other states like Kentucky and far-away Ohio. Reports from Memorial indicate that almost $22,000 was raised here in Knoxville. Altogether, from these 6 dinners about $114,000 was given, excluding pledges, for the College. Al, Fred, and Kirk did an excellent job as spokesmen at the dinner, and the decor was superb. We were very pleased to see so many of our special friends and supporters at the dinner. This month I have preached at Clinton, Elgin, & Norwood, in TN, and the Flatwoods church & Shelby Valley church in KY. Larry has me booked to preach somewhere about every Sunday in June. A few Sunday nights are still open. We must raise enough to replace funds for our tickets and to see us through the rest of this year. We are grateful for all donations that come our way. There is a brother in SA that wrote recently to say he and his wife wanted to help, "pay some of the costs for our tickets," but indicated he would send it to the Bible College because of getting funds from there transferred over here. We thought that best as well. But, they were so anxious that we come back, they wanted to help. We pray God will bless you. Thank you. Your missionaries on the field, Jerry V. Hogg P.S. Please send all donations with checks made payable to: Sunset Church of Christ, SIBI Finance Office, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410, Attn: Africa Fund/J. Hogg.