Mission Indonesia rpt Feb 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The attachment is a update on my wife Lusi and about Batam College. The following paragraph is simply something that I simply felt the need to write. I am deeply thankful that the Lord has used all of you to contribute to our need and faith these last few months. I have learned a lot about faith in the last two months. I learned it is one thing to place yourself in the hands of the Lord but another thing entirely to do the same thing with someone you love, like a wife or child. In the last week of January I had to return to Batam for a day to take part in a meeting concerning one of our instructors who was having some problems that we had to deal with. While driving to the meeting from my home I was worrying about Lusi and what was taking place in Singapore as we hadn’t heard anything from the doctors in a month. At that moment I was overwhelmed with the fact that my trust was in the doctors and medicine rather than in the Lord because I was starting to doubt. I literally pulled over and parked to pray for forgiveness and for the strength to see this through by depending on the Lord. He is the one gives the healing not the doctors or medicine even thou He can use all of it. I finally learned what James 1:2-4 is all about and rejoice that I have something to lean on that is far greater than anything that has ever been known in this world, a creator God who is greater than anything known to man. Thank you for your love and support. God bless you all. Your servant in Christ, Dr. Winston Bolt
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