Wednesday Morning Report from Athens

Greeting in the Lord dear loved ones,

Welcome to our resurrected “Wednesday Morning Report from Athens.” I say resurrected as for awhile in the past I was sending a Wednesday morning report for awhile to a few folks who were interested in what was going on here on in Athens on a weekly basis. I kind of got away from it the last half of 2007, and decided to get going with it again this year.

I got to thinking that maybe all of you dear ones on my newsletter list might be interested in hearing what’s been happening here in Athens during the last week, so I am starting my Wednesday morning report back up again, and have expanded my mailing out to all of you dear friends and loved ones.

I’ll try to keep these weekly reports shorter than our regular monthly newsletters and hopefully not too boring. Just thought it was a good way to stay in touch with you all and let you know that we think of you all often. It’s also a good way to let you know what’s been going on this past week in the school here in Athens. We hope you enjoy it.

This last week was a very good week. We got classes started well, and the students came back to classes eager and in very good spirits. Jamie Wootton is with us as our visiting instructor, and he is doing a great job. It’s his first time here and the students are already reporting that they enjoy him very much.

We also have had a new student join us this week. Her name is Nifarta Peingurta. She is a good friend of one of our other students Juliana Negedu. Nifarta reports that she has observed a wonderful change that has come over Juliana this last year and attributes it to the school. She says she wants to find out what that is all about. She wants that kind of change in her life too. She joined us in classes this week and yesterday told me that she is already enjoying the classes very much and knows that this is what she’s been seeking for a long time. It’s so very good to have her with us.

We pray you have a wonderful and blessed rest of the week, and we pray that God walks with you every step of the way.

With much love from Athens,
Ron and Diana Kretz