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Monday, November 14, 2011
Saturday, November 5, 2011 , carry out another day more, consisting of distribution of food to residents of the Canton Las Mesas, Village of  Los Naranjos No. 1, jurisdiction of Tecoluca, Department of San Vicente, El Salvador, Central America. This is a region located in the river call Bajo Lempa.
It was possible to bring corn, beans, rice, and powdered milk for babies. In addition the Sisters of the Church of Christ in Quezaltepeque, made 300 tamales accompanied by French bread, which were distributed to the inhabitants of that place. Benefited 45 families, among them seven Christian families.
Reach this place is not easy, as there is where the overflow of rain waters reached its maximum expression, there was still water retained on both sides of the dirt road.
Arriving at the place assigned as a point of meeting in Canton  Las Mesas, the distribution of food we did in house of the brother German Pineda. Expresses Brother German for a week to mobilize in the courtyard of his house, did through a canoe that the height of the water level reached two meters. They could return to mobilize normally seven days after the rains have failed or until when the retained water was consumed by land.
Be in this place there is enormous poverty and need that prevails, they are people who truly need humanitarian aid continuously. The unfortunate thing is that once passed the emergency period, aid become very limited. One of the sons of brother German was destroyed his humble home, the beams which held up the roof, gave way before the flood by the enormous amount of water that invaded the region.
We continue making efforts for those in need, we are aware that we do what the Lord enables us to do. They always need a bag of food, then aid to come at the time of the start of the new planting of corn and beans, will be assisting them with agricultural inputs, because as we have expressed, their crops were lost entirely. Just ask, join to this NOBLE cause for the needs!
In the love of Christ,
Alexander and Silvia Castellanos
Church of Christ
El Salvador, Central America
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