The Sun Sets On Another Wonderful Mission Journey

This will likely be my last blog entry for this missionary journey. My next one will be from the Global Missions Conference in Arlington, Texas this coming week (make plans to come and attend my class if possible - should be a great time for all). Pictured here is the sun setting over the city of Adelaide, Australia. As I was listening to Ron Bainbridge and Craig Peters speak yesterday (Dwight speaks today), I was reminded all over again that "the sun never sets on the work of Sunset". While we are sleeping in Lubbock, our co-workers are already at work on the other side of the world. In fact, with students in 37 countries around the world, there is likely not an hour of the day when a Bible is not being read or a prayer is not being offered by one of our students around the globe. It's awe-inspiring to be a part of such an effort and I praise God for his providencial care of our work and his continued blessing. It's His school, His effort and must be to His glory.

Much has been accomplished, through God's power, on this missionary journey through Australia and New Zealand and this is only one part of a long journey towards the goal of training and equipping preachers and church leaders, seeking and saving the lost and planting healthy congregations all around the world. Sydney, Adelaide, Tauranga, Napier, Auckland and then back to Sydney. What a blessing!

I want to thank those who financially support our family and those who give funds for my travel and ministry overseas. It is getting more and more expensive, due to inflation and the shrinking dollar, and I may have to pick a place not to go this year. It is simply too expensive. This makes the financial gifts some of you send even that much more appreciated. Brenda and I are facing some support issues and my travel funds are draining quickly. The good news is that God has always provided through those of you who see the value of training preachers to teach and preach in their own language, land and culture. I am quite confident that this will continue.