Urgent Prayers for Christians in Egypt

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Since last Friday night we face many troubles here in Cairo and other big cities in Egypt. As the group of Islamic parties had attacked and destroyed a Coptic Church near Aswan (Upper Egypt) although they have got the official license to re-shape it. As a result of attacking other Churches in the last three months and the government, the army in charge did not take positive action against that. The Christian people made a big walk in front of TV and broadcasting center at Masberoo (very close to the Church building) to express their anger about these events and asking to rebuild the destroyed church and to be given their rights as Egyptian citizens. They gave the government two days to respond to their demands. As there is no response to that thousands of the Christians made the same walk carrying crosses to the same place. The army soldiers with their tanks attached them, went over them and shot fire on them; it really a great massacre happened. Fifty five were killed and 280 were injured. This astonished the all the Christian as they expect to be guarded and protected by their army. After the other Christian tried to flee from the place the big group from the fanatic Muslims pursued them with different things such as rocks, stones, bottle of Molotov and knives. All the Christians are frightened, scared and very depressed for this new situation, even they never send their kids to the school.

This happened while we have our evening service in the church and the church was thrown by some of these stones. Please pray for us and the safety of the other Christian in Egypt.

In His Name
Alfred Habashy