Great News! New Shepherds!

Hello friends and family,
We wanted to write to let you know that we were able to be a part of a great day with several churches on Sunday.  The Tierra Firme church of Christ named its first elders! 
This congregation’s beginnings started about 6 years ago. We helped to start this congregation, and over the last three years, the McClue and Molina families have devoted countless hours and spent tons of energy to train, teach, guide, mentor, and pray with these three servant-leaders and their families. 
We are very proud of our missionary friends - I told Sean McClue and Israel Molina that Sunday was the culmination of God working through many people, and shows particularly the fruit of their work, their consistency, and their vision; naming these men as elders shows their ability to model Christian service and train others in that lifestyle.  As much as anything, it shows the dedication of strong families who live on mission whose lives are marked by deep faithfulness and endurance.  This is a wonderful work.
The three elders that were named were, Alfredo Hernandez, Jaime Cabrera, and Luis Paco.  For many months, these men have been looking at the characteristics of godly shepherding - caring for others.  Congregations from several parts of the city joined together to celebrate God’s work in this church. 
Sean spent time on Sunday speaking to the new elders and their biblical task of shepherding through humility.  In response, Israel spoke specifically to the entire church about their responsiveness to these servants’ leadership and task.  Everyone present gathered around the new elders for prayers of giving thanks and asking for wisdom and guidance.
It was enriching to be joined by two older elders and their families, Jesús Torres (Cuajimalpa) and Filo Monterrey (Downtown); these experienced shepherds shared advice and scriptures and prayed for the new elders.
There were two baptisms on Sunday, one being our friend, Sarah McClue - who was baptized by her Dad - such a special event to witness.
Afterwards, Israel Molina told me that he is anticipating a new stage for growth.
Please join us in prayer for our friends, these new shepherds, and the continued growth of God’s kingdom in Mexico City.
Kind regards,

James and Erin Henderson

Elders, older and newer

Elders, Tierra Firme

Sarah McClue baptism

Tierra Firme Elder appointment

Tierra Firme Shepherds