Jacob Achinefu - Answered Prayer



We rejoice in letting you know that Jacob Achinefu, the Director of NIATS in Nigeria (an associate school of SIBI), has been released and returned his family.  A ransom was paid, he was beaten and bruised, but he is grateful to be back with his family and the school there.  We rejoice in his release and pray that God will bring a measure of peace to this area so filled with conflict.  We at SIBI appreciate your prayers on his behalf.  There is a fund to help with the costs incurred in releasing Brother Achinefu.  If you are interested, please contact me.

In Him,


I know that Bro. Achinefu has children in the United States. He and my dad have been great friends through the years and i would like to reach out to his children. could you help me contact any of them. My father's name is Bro. Okon Mkpong