Update on Armando Alaniz

March 12, 2010
Dear Christian Friends,
Since our last update on Armando Alaniz's health condition on February 16, Armando has been in and out of the hospital. In between hospitalizations, he has made trips to the emergency room.  They did put in a port to give him chemotherapy.  A week later when he visited the doctor on March 9 to begin his first chemotherapy treatment, he was told that chemotherapy would not be effective against his cancer.  The doctor shared with him they did not know anything they could do and gave him a projection not to exceed two months to live.
Armando is scheduled to go back to the doctor in two weeks, and if his blood work allows, they may give him a new experimental drug.  Armando shared this information  with the Angleton elders March 11. 
Armando says that he is not fearful of the future and he is still fighting the cancer.  He wants you to know that because of this condition, his biggest regret is that he can no longer continue his work to teach and spread the gospel.  He thanks you for the love, support and care he has already received. His wishes are that we continue to pray for his family and him as they face an uncertain and difficult future.

In Christian love,
Leland Rodgers
for the Angleton Church of Christ