Director of NIATS in Nigeria

Dear Brethren,

Your prayers are needed.  Jacob Achinefu, the Director of the Nigerian Institute for the Arts and Theological Studies our SIBI associate school in Nigeria, was kidnapped and is being held for ransom.  Jacob lives and works on the same compound as Dr Bob Whitaker who was kidnapped earlier and they suspect that it may be the same group of kidnappers.  Jacob and the NIATS van were taken while he was on the road to Aba, Nigeria.  No demands have been given yet, and I will update you as I know more.  Jacob is a faithful preacher, a capable leader and a faithful husband and father of 8.  He is also a good friend and co-worker. Kidnappings and tensions have escalated again in this region of Nigeria and prayers are needed for the Christian of Nigeria.  I will relay more information as I receive it.  Please pray for Jacob and the Achinefu family.

In Him,