Bryan Shelley Memorial Set Up

We received this message from a friend of Bryan's who was very close to him:

Bryan was at peace about going to be with his Lord

He truly was, and Debby rejoices that Bryan is now in the arms of Jesus.  However, Bryan’s one anxiety in the last few weeks was that he was leaving Debby financially strapped--with not even the financial resources for a funeral or for her to take his body back to Austin, TX, to be buried in their family cemetary plot.

This need is something I can do something about--and you can too.  If you—even without ever meeting him in person—have been blessed by Bryan Shelley’s words and his example of faith in God even in the valley of the shadow of death, and you are able and moved by God to help meet the one anxiety that remained with Bryan as he faced imminent death, you can make a difference with a gift of any size.  A memorial fund has been set up in his name by the Wolfforth, TX, Church of Christ where he and Debby ministered prior to moving to Madera, CA, to work in that ministry.

You can contribute in any of three ways

If you want your contribution to be tax deductible, you should use one of the first two ways to make your contribution.  If it is not important to you that your donation be tax deductible, you can choose the third way to make your contribution.  Whichever method you use, all the funds you contribute will go to Debby Shelley to cover medical, funeral, and travel expenses and—if there are additional funds left—to pay other accumulated bills during the past year and during her transition to a budget that excludes Bryan’s income.

1.    the most efficient way to get your contribution to Debby quickly enough for her to use it this week to pay for immediate funeral and travel expenses for the two memorial services is to do a wire transfer into the memorial account set up by the Wolfforth Church of Christ.  I don’t want to publish the account number and routing number necessary to do this.  If you want to give by this means, contact Dawn Taylor, the church money manager, at to get the information you need to do such a wire transfer.

2.     you can send a check made out to the Wolfforth Church of Christ with the memo indicating that it is for the Shelley Memorial Fund.  Mail it to the church at P.O. Box 280, Wolfforth, TX  79382.

3.    if you prefer to send a check made out to Debby Shelley, you can do so by mailing it to Grady Billington (a dear family friend and former elder of the church where Bryan and Debby ministered), 517 Shannon Ave., Madera, CA 93637.