Sardesons In Baraboo, WI, USA

Sorry about multiple entries . . . . it has been a learning curve for me . . .


Pat and I have been living in Wisconsin since 1972 and until recently labored with the church in Baraboo, WI, for almost 30 years supporting ourselves vocationally the entire time.  Unfortunately, the church recently ceased as a result of all of few remaining members retiring and moving out of the county and state.  However, I am happy to report that several faithful families "graduated" from the congregation through the years and a few fine young people, mainly females, became missionaries (medical and teaching).  Pat and I are now retired and live in Mexico in the winter for several months.  We participate in dental mission trips in Mexico.  However, this December/January we are going to participate in a dental/construction mission trip in Cap Haitian, Haiti, at Cap Haitian Children's Home.  We have supported the home in various ways for a number of years and are anxious to see it first hand.  Also, we have an adopted Haitian daughter from Cap Haitian who is currently a nurse in Miami, FL.  She will be with us and translate and provide some medical services.  We plan to stay behind and visit her sisters and brothers.


In Mexico this winter, we hope to establish a children's library in the mountain village of San Felipe Lachillo in the state of Oaxaca.  We are using funds from our rental income of our Baraboo building to purchase the books.  Pat and I will probably travel to the village with the 400 starter set and personally present them to the village.  Oh . . . I have learned a "bit" of Spanish and my dear wife has learned much more. 


We do see Jim Dillinger (class of 1965 or 1966) from time to time because he is my brother-in-law.  He just returned from Malawi, Africa, where he is deeply involved with Sunset in setting up a preacher training school on a new purchased/gifted 150 acre plot of land.  His congregation in Noblesville, IN, has been involved in medical missionary work in Malawi for a number of years.  His wife, Joan, died about a year ago or so and was deeply respected in Malawi.


Well, I could go on because I like to "talk/preach," but it is late.  We have not been back to Sunset since the early 1970s, mainly because we had to be at church in Baraboo almost every Sunday to support the work.  Perhaps we will stop by sometime in our travels in the years ahead, although we have occasional provided some financial support to Sunset students or the school itself.  It is unfortunate with the loss of so much in the past year that we will not be able to do much of the work we had hoped to do in our retirement.  Nevertheless, we trust our Father has good things in mind for us somehow/some way in our "golden years" ahead :-)

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