Fellowship Makes A Difference

I have no problem traveling to various mission points and international schools around the world alone, but it is far better to travel with family members and fellow Christians. In the attached picture, my wife Brenda is by my side and we are pictured with our good friends Mark and Kelle Samsill.  We are floating up a canal in Venice, Italy before I move on to teach a seminar in Athens, Greece.  As you can see, we were enjoying ourselves and celebrating how wonderful it is to share special experiences with those we love in Christ. 

It was a special blessing to have Brenda travel with me on this trip.  She worked hard to save up vacation days and we saved up some funds to take a couple of days in Italy before going on to Greece. 

Mark and Kelle are members at the College Hill Church of Christ where Mark serves as an elder.  This is our primary supporting congregation and we have been blessed greatly by the Samsill family and the College Hill congregation.  The leaders and members at College Hill were great partners with us while we lived in Ukraine, graciously allowed us to live and work with them when we returned to the United States and have been faithful co-workers in our efforts at Sunset.  Their personal involvement and active fellowship is truly one of our greatest blessings.

As I begin reporting on this most recent trip, I thought I would start with something simple.  It is an incredible blessing to have a Christian family and to spend time with people you love as you set about doing God's work.  In this trip, I spent a lot of times following in the footprints of the Apostle Paul. It becomes obvious why he places such emphasis on his partners in ministry as he travels, ministers and writes to the churches.  Timothy, Titus and others are always on his mind and in his prayers.  This is because it is a blessed experience to travel with and work beside disciples of Christ.  If Paul were writing the blog, I think he would begin by recognizing his traveling companions, I thought I would begin in the same way.  What a blessing to have traveled with Brenda, Mark and Kelle.  I hope to travel with more of my mission partners as time continues.

In Him, Chris


That is great that Brenda got to go with you to Italy! Next time you come to Ukraine you should bring her. I know all of our wives would love seeing her.

Brenda plans to make Ukraine her next trip. I can't wait to get back to Donetsk and plan to sneak up to Kharkov and see you guys! Chris Swinford Dean of International Studies Sunset International Bible Institute dcswinford@yahoo.com