Memorial - Ethel McGuiggan, wife of Jim McGuiggan

Jim McGuiggan's wife, Ethel McGuiggan, passed away on Sunday, April 12.  Jim was a 1967 graduate and a former faculty member.  They have been working in Northern Ireland.


Jim... Our condolences to you and yours. We were sorry to hear of your wife's passing. Several years ago I heard you speak about your dearest Ethel at a Golf Course Road church of Christ, Midland, Texas presentation. You spoke with much love than, we were blessed to have heard you speak from the heart. A year or two earlier, your son was in San Angelo, Texas and I had the blessing of being there for him. Our prayer for you and your love ones is that God, our Father, will sooth your hearts with his gracious love. This is our prayer. --Miguel & Hope Zuniga Laredo Church of Christ Laredo, Texas