A Very Happy New Year of Each of You!

Loving Greetings to all our dear friends,


Moya and I take this opportunity to wish each of you who are receiving this message a very Happy and spiritually prosperous New Year!

2008 has been a huge year for Moya & myself!  During January/February we were thrilled to have been invited to visit with the Southwest Church family in Amarillo, Texas.  What a joy that was, to once again be united with loved ones we had not seen for many years and to experience such great hospitality from brethren who have been such important partners in our work for our Lord here in Western Australia during the past 42-years.  We praise our God for their loving concern which has been evidenced in many practical ways and we are grateful for the fruit that has been born for our labours in the kingdom of God.


While in the U.S.A., Moya and I drove some 12,000 kilometres through six States in the Bible belt visiting with brethren who have been such an encouragement to us in our ministry.  Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we were unable to meet with everyone, but we are grateful to God for the special people we did manage to see.  We were also able to obtain some valuable new resource materials for our Discovering A BETTER LIFE evangelistic outreach ministry www.discoveringabetterlife.org.au.


On  April 26, Moya & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and on June 16, I celebrated my 70th birthday.  We are most grateful to God for these milestones in our lives.  


During May through July, Moya & I travelled across Australia on an exciting Missionary journey that enabled us to meet for the first time with many special people who had made contact with us through our evangelistic media outreach.  It was so good to put faces on people who had previously been faceless to us.  Some of these precious people had been communicating with us for many years, but because of their living in isolated, remote areas of Australia we had been unable to meet with them until this journey was put in place.  It was a most fruitful exercise and, Lord willing, we hope to do something similar again in the not too-distant future.


Moya wanted me to share with you one special occasion, when we met for the first time with Yvette Ribe and her son John.  We arrived late in the evening at their home in Elphinstone, Victoria and as I got out of our car, Yvette came running toward me, gave me a huge hug and exclaimed..."Oh! My son, my son!"  What a humbling experience this was.  Moya & I had been studying with Yvette for over 12-years, but this was the first time for us to meet.  They insisted we stay with them for two nights and we were able to spend considerable time nurturing their faith while with them.  What a wonderful blessing this was for each of us! 


During our journey across Australia, we were also able to meet up with some of our family, friends, and brethren we had not seen for a number of years.  What a joy it was for us to experience some special times with these loved ones.  Some of you who are receiving this message are numbered among these and we thank each of you for the wonderful hospitality you provided us, sometimes unexpectedly and at very short notice.  Again, we were unable to visit with everyone we had hoped to see, but are grateful to God for allowing us to visit with so many special friends and members of our family in various places throughout Australia.


It was a real joy for Moya and myself to attend this year's MSOBS Lectureship, which was such a positive and spiritually refreshing time for us.  


Dear friends, Moya & I wish each of you all the blessings that God can give during 2009.  We pray that your faith in Christ may continue to grow, your love for God continue to deepen, and your families continue to prosper. 


If you get a chance we would love to hear from you.


We love you all, 


Ron and Moya

 Ephesians 3:20-21