Holiday Greetings and Job Transition

I want to wish a Happy Holidays to all of you.  For those who speak a different language, I hope that you can find the appropriate message in the picture to the left.  This has been an incredible year, and I thank God for His blessings and divine providence and for blessing me with you.  You are a special gift from God and I am grateful.

This past year has easily been one of the busiest and most satisfying that I can remember and 2009 promises more blessings, challenges and opportunities.  My job assignment at Sunset is changing and the responsibilities are looming large. As the Vice President for Institute Advancement at Sunset, I will continue to administer the work of the SIBI International Division, but will also be administering the work of the Development Department and efforts to publicize our school and raise funds.  I embrace the challenge, but covet your prayers as I take on some responsibilities that are new to me.  I am thankful that Bob Jackson and the Development staff are already in place, are capable and are faithfully working to fund the works of Sunset and I hope to be able to expand these efforts to enable us to do even more in the future. 

It is possible that my international travels will diminish as I focus more attention on traveling in the United States.  It is our plan, Lord willing, to bring on a special co-worker in 2009 to assist in the International Division and to take the lead in many key international efforts.  I will, however, continue to travel and be involved in the International schools.  Brenda and I will be traveling to Athens in the Spring and more trips are being planned.  What a blessing it is to be involved in ministry training, evangelism and church planting around the globe, and what a blessing to be able to help find the funding to make these things possible.

I intend to revive my blogging.  During this time of transition, it has proved difficult to schedule all of my duties and I look forward to a New Year and getting things organized for the year to come.  I hope that you have a Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May God bless you mightily!

In Him, Chris