Mission to Russia


By the time you receive this message several of us will be in the air, on the way to Russia. Our mission will take us beyond the Ural Mountains Barnaul, Siberia, where we have a branch school. Those traveling with me are Brad Pruitt, SIBI CFO, Jerry Sisemore, long-time Barnaul School of Preaching Director and Roger Pritchett, Missions Minister at the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ. We will be teaching at the school of preaching and doing a seminar on church planting for the congregation, in addition to addressing some important legal issues concerning the registration of the school and its facilities.

We will be gone about two weeks and request your prayers for the following:

--for safety in travel as we fly Aeroflot 14 hours to Moscow and then another 4 hours to Barnaul

--for the faculty and students of Barnaul School of Preaching

--for the Barnaul Church of Christ as they evangelize and prepare to plant a new congregation

--for wise decisions regarding facility and school registration issues

--for receptive hearts among the lost in Russia to receive the gospel as it is shared by our students

--for good health and a safe return in about two weeks

With so much going on here at home with the degree program, year-end fund raising, budget issues, pending Board of Directors’ meeting, preparations for the Sunset Workshop in January, we can hardly afford to be gone for two week. However, this trip is important to the future of our work in Russia and is worth the time and money invested to keep this work healthy and fruitful. It has been 15 years since I have been to Barnaul, so it is time for a return visit.

May our Lord bless you and yours in this last quarter of 2008.


Good to see you are finally coming back to Russia. Wish we would have know you were coming through Moscow; it would have been to see you. We will be praying for this trip! Mike and Lucy

My wife was glad to hear you went to Russia!  She spent 11 months in Tomsk while in AIM. You all are in our prayers.   david and amanda creek Acts 13:30