AIBI 2016 Class Graduation

Please offer prayers of thanksgiving to our Creator for the following 2016 AIBI graduates. 1. NORA IHUAKUDO UKACHUKWU - Nigeria 2. JUSTINA EMENU - Nigeria 3. SIR AFAM PROMISE - Nigeria 4. GODSON-PETER YOUNG NWAFOR - Ghana 5. ANTHONY S. MUIRURI MWANGI - Kenya 6. ARTEM PERVYI - Ukraine God has blessed us by bringing every one of them into our life and making us part of their hard work and dedication to His Word. They have been with us for many years and we are so sad to see them gone, but at the same time we rejoice with the Lord for this group of qualified workers to His fields. This graduation will take the number of AIBI graduates during all these years to 82 faithful servants of Jesus. A big THANK YOU to all those who are involved with AIBI’s work through participation, support, teaching or prayers. Love Beni and Sonila Leka Dean of AIBI
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