Fishing In A Large Pond

As we overlooked the ocean with the Auckland church planting team, a fisherman walked by us with his tackle box and pole to fish.  It was a reasonably long and sturdy looking pole, but it looked small in comparison to the rocks and the waves. I couldn't imagine what was in the tackle box, but the man seemed resolute, despite the obvious lack of size for such a task. As I watched him walk bravely to the waters edge, I began to see some parallels. We, whether we are discussing the South Pacific or any part of the world, are fisherman facing a giant ocean filled with a variety of incredible fish (or in our case men and women). We cross the rocks of this world and throw what seems to be a small hook from a small pole into the vast sea before us just hoping that someone will react to the incredible gospel that dangles from the hook. I felt more than a little overwhelmed when considering the task at hand as I watched the fisherman cast his line into the water. I had my camera ready and waited for this seemingly small man to pull something out of the crashing waves. The picture to the left captures the fisherman as the pole pulls dramatically down toward the water and in a matter of moments a rather large fish is flapping at his feet. I thanked God for this man catching a fish because it encouraged me to approach the vast waters again and once more cast the good news of Christ to the masses.
He was the only fisherman I saw all day. Not many braved the cold, the crashing waves and the insurmountable challenge of baiting the hook, watching it fly, and expecting the catch - but he did. As we turned our attention to the city of Auckland, standing side by side with the Auckland church planting team, I couldn't help but be reminded of the words of Christ in Luke 5, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." Let's go fishing!


noticing a local going about his own business and seeing such a huge spiritual illustration.....good eye!

If an evangelist didn't see a man with a fishing pole walking to the ocean as a possible teaching opportunity, I would worry about the evangelist!Chris Swinford Dean of International Studies Sunset International Bible Institute