Dear Partners & Family, How are you all? My Family and I miss you all very much. I'd like to apologize for miss-communication between us. Many of you tried to call us and we try to reach you many times as well but we have a big problem to communicate with you all because of all means of communication through internet such as magicJack, Viber, and whatsApp are blocked now by the the new regime for the security reasons. And the others social networking sites such as Facebook are monitoring for security reasons also. I tried a lot to reach some of you but we can't hear each others so sorry for that. Lord's willing we are planning to come and report to you about the work of God in Egypt during this summer. Please pray for us. Please if anyone needs to contact me, write to me through this secure email only. Big Hug and Kiss from my family and me to you all. Richly Blessings Alfred