Africa Mission Report 1 - Jerry Hogg

This begins a series of several articles reporting on my recent trip to Southern Africa.  I look forward to reporting on the efforts of Sunset in Malawi, Botswana and South Africa.  Before discussing these mission points, I want to first introduce you to a long-term missionary to South Africa named Jerry Hogg. Jerry (pictured here teaching in Botswana) and Ann Hogg attended and graduated from Sunset in the late 1960's and have served the kingdom faithfully in South Africa for decades.  Jerry has been an instructor at the Southern Africa Bible College in Benoni, South Africa, for many years and has preached and taught classes all around Southern Africa.  He has worked side by side with an incredible array of missionaries and has outlasted practically all of them.  While Jerry and Ann would never request such attention, it is only right that we, as co-workers in the Kingdom, honor them for their years of service and dedication.  Truman asked Jerry and Ann to assist Sunset by working with the schools of Southern Africa and Jerry has visited and assisted the schools in Zambia and Botswana several times and has been instrumental in starting our efforts in Malawi. Jerry has been a vital and important part of SIBI International's work on the African continent.  Along with Lanny Partain (Ghana and Liberia) and Don Humphrey (Ethiopia and Sudan), Jerry has sought to enhance the work of ministry training in Africa.  Jerry and Ann have continued their work at Southern Africa Bible College through the years, even as they have sought to work with us at Sunset.

Truman Scott and I approached Jerry and Ann with a special challenge, a challenge to work fulltime with Sunset on the African continent. It was a difficult decision for the Hogg family, but they decided to focus on the work of Sunset and on the ministry training efforts of Sunset in all of Africa.  While Lanny Partain and Don Humphrey, as well as many other mission partners, will continue to work with the schools they have assisted over the years, Jerry Hogg will be taking an active leadership role in all of Sunset's efforts in Africa and will be a great resource to those who have been faithfully serving on this vital and receptive continent.  Jerry will be spending more time in the USA raising funds, recruiting co-workers and coordinating efforts in Africa, and will work with existing ministry trainers and supporting congregations all over the country as we seek to evangelize the lost, plant healthy congregations, and train generations of powerful preachers, teachers and church leaders in Africa.  We pray that God will raise up more co-workers in Africa and that He will continue to bless the mission efforts on this large continent.  I believe that Jerry has the wisdom and experience to make a real difference for God in this area.

We have great hopes of training self-supporting preachers that will accurately and passionately teach the good news of Christ in every nation of Africa.  We have great hopes of of self-supporting, autonomous congregations all across Africa that will have strong leadership with a heart for evangelism and church planting.  We have already taken great steps in this direction and hope that you will be praying for the mission efforts of Sunset, and all Brotherhood mission efforts, in Africa.  I look forward to sharing some real examples of how we are working to make our hopes a reality in coming days.  Be looking for a continuing flow of mission reports regarding Southern Africa.