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Alumni Tragedy - Prayers Needed

Dear Friends,

Please keep the Les Ferguson family (SSOP ’73) in your prayers. Les is the past president of Magnolia Bible College and is presently preaching in Kosciusko, MS. Yesterday their daughter-in-law, Karen, and 21 year old grandson, Trevor Cole, who had cerebral palsy were shot and killed by a 70 year old man who later killed himself. Les Jr, son of Les and Marge Ferguson, is the preacher for the Orange Grove Church of Christ and was not at home when it happened. Their 14 year old son was with friends but their five year old was in the house and ran to get help.

Two Stories of Sunset's Impact on Lives

I want to share with you one story of how God is changing lives through ministry training. Joe Carrasco’s life was in shambles. Joe’s wife had abandoned him and his two sons, they lived in a sparse home with no electricity, he was in violation of probation, and a warrant had been issued for his arrest.  Joe was a drug dealer and addict.

Memorial:Byrl Brockman, Early Instructor at LABS

Byrl BrockmanByrl Brockman, one of the first instructors at Latin American Bible School (the predecessor of Sunset School of Preaching) passed away at the age of 88 on May 17, 2010, in College Station, Texas.  Byrl and his family lived in Lubbock from 1962 to 1967,   Funeral services will be held on Sunday, May 23 at 2:00 PM at the A&M Church of Christ in College Station, TX.  Visitation will be at Memorial Funeral Chapel, 2901 Texas Avenue S in College Station between 6 PM and 8 PM on Saturday, May 22.

He had fond memories of the early days of SSOP and considered it a blessing to have been part of them.



Northeast Report


Kay and I just returned from our 15th annual trip to work with congregations in the Northeast.  I was able to speak to three congregations and members from several other congregations who attended the various events. 

Especial Water Well Areas - Ethiopia

Our brother Bahailu Abebe, who is over all of the schools in Ethiopia and has been ministering there for many years, recently shared with us his vision for continuing the work in that nation.

Mission Report


Chris Swinford and I are coming toward the end of our mission to Quito, Ecuador. We will both have our last speaking session tomorrow at the Pan American Lectures and will begin to plan for our trip home on Thursday morning. We arrived in Quito last Wednesday night and began a Leadership Seminar at Quito School of Biblical Studies, a Sunset Associate School. This was our first international branch school and certainly one of the finest. QSOBS has 47 students studying at three levels. The students and faculty are outstanding. Over 90 graduates have been sent out to preach in 12 nations and to plant at least 8 new congregations. Kent Marcum continues to do a great job as director of the school. Kent and Sharla have been in Quito for 20 years and have helped to build an exciting and fruitful work. The Marcums were the anchor family in a 5 family team that went from SIBI in 1988 to plant a new congregation in Quito. Three of the original families (Kent and Sharla Marcum, Kevin and Dannie Haynes, Dan and Kathy Leaf) were here this week for a reunion.

Mission to Russia


By the time you receive this message several of us will be in the air, on the way to Russia. Our mission will take us beyond the Ural Mountains Barnaul, Siberia, where we have a branch school. Those traveling with me are Brad Pruitt, SIBI CFO, Jerry Sisemore, long-time Barnaul School of Preaching Director and Roger Pritchett, Missions Minister at the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ. We will be teaching at the school of preaching and doing a seminar on church planting for the congregation, in addition to addressing some important legal issues concerning the registration of the school and its facilities.

We will be gone about two weeks and request your prayers for the following:

--for safety in travel as we fly Aeroflot 14 hours to Moscow and then another 4 hours to Barnaul

--for the faculty and students of Barnaul School of Preaching

--for the Barnaul Church of Christ as they evangelize and prepare to plant a new congregation

--for wise decisions regarding facility and school registration issues

--for receptive hearts among the lost in Russia to receive the gospel as it is shared by our students

September News! - Truitt Adair


It’s hard to believe that we are already three weeks into our first term of classes. This is “research week” at SIBI, which means that students are not in class this week but are writing research papers, doing memory work and reading assignments. Faculty is mostly out doing campaigns, gospel meetings or catching up on their course preparations.

Kay and I leave tomorrow for Bermuda. Sounds pretty exotic doesn’t it? Actually, we are going to do a seminar with the Westend Church of Christ, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and they asked me to come and speak in honor of the occasion. In light of the storm systems lining up out in the Atlantic, we would appreciate your prayers for our journey.

The rest of this month is filled with travel. Next week is our semi-annual Missions Resource Network Board of Trustees meeting in Dallas followed by a quick flight to San Antonio to speak at our Sunset Vision Benefit Dinner. Later this month I am scheduled to speak at Heritage Christian University Lectures in Florence, Alabama and then fly to Fresno, California for the Woodward Park Spiritual Growth Workshop.



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