Memorial - Armando Alaniz, '79

Armando AlanizDear Friends of Armando:

Our dear brother, Armando, went to be with the Lord  this morning, April 9, 2010.  He passed from this life surrounded by his family.  We will update you again when we have funeral arrangements.

Updated 4/14 (video included)

Update on Bryan Shelley

Below is a series of emails from Debby Shelley about Bryan his battle with cancer.

Christ as Lord - Ourselves as Servants

"For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your servants, for Jesus sake" (11 Corinthians 4:5).

Alumni Update from Randy Pritchett

I retired from fulltime work in 2002 after 39 years of fulltime preaching. I continue to preach from time to time, teach classes, write in our Web Page. I have just started so there's only a few articles posted with many, many more on the way.

I also continue to teach former members, prisoners, and released prisoners, by email, telephone and through the mail. As a result, some have started up classes and they are teaching.


Old and Gray-Headed

The Psalmist in Psalm 71:17-18 said: “O God, thou hast taught me from my youth; And hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works. Yea, even when I am old and grayheaded, O God, forsake me not, Until I have declared thy strength unto the next generation, Thy might to every one that is to come.”

Alumni Update - Jeremy Myers

I am currently preaching for the Plainview Church of Christ in Plainview, Arkansas and getting married on June 13, 2009. Life is good.

Last Night in Albania

This is my last night in Albania. Tomorrow I will teach the last lesson of the Seminar which actually began last Sunday. The theme has been The Holy Spirit of God. Lesson titles were, “God Fills Us with His Spirit,” “The Gift of the Holy Spirit,” “The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit,” “Sins against the Holy Spirit,” “The Leading of the Holy Spirit” and “Is the Biblical Gift of Speaking in Tongues Still in use Today?” As the Seminar has progressed attendance has regularly increased. Last night the men of the church even went to people in the surrounding neighborhood to borrow chairs. The building was filled and the atmosphere was exciting. As people came in the buzz of conversation gradually came to a crescendo. Conversation and laughter filled the air as people greeted those whom they were surprised and excited to see. I have been very warmly welcomed and the messages have been enthusiastically received. All have expressed gratitude for learning vital Biblical concepts which for some were new and for others a refreshing reminder.

Memorial - Billie W. Lemons

Billie LemonsBillie Lemons, '82 graduate and preacher at 20th and Birch in Lubbock, died Saturday night in Midland.

Billie Wayne Lemons

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Story last updated at 10/16/2008 - 2:29 am

Billie Wayne Lemons, 53, of Lubbock, passed away Sunday, Oct. 12, 2008. He was born in Tyler. His hometown is Pampa, where he graduated from Pampa High School in 1973. His attended Texas A&M University from 1973-1977, studied Psychology and Sociology, received football scholarship; made 2nd team All-Southwest Conference, two years Honorable Mention All-American, Southwestern Conference Champions 1976 and played professional football for the Cleveland Browns in 1977.

How do you...

How do you see God? How do you picture, view, imagine, etc...

Do you see God as this big police officer in the sky, waiting to pull you over for reckless living? Maybe He has set up a trap to catch you, a "sting" to arrest you for your sinfulness and shame you into being a better Christian.

Do you see God as a wish-fulfilling Genie? Running to Him in prayer, during times of crisis.
Speaking of crisis, maybe you view the Almighty as some kind of hostage negotiator...

Moving Out!

It was an amazing experience to see our older son Alan (pictured in red) head off to our alma mater, Lubbock Christian University a couple of years ago. We were proud of Alan and knew he would do well, but we were also a little grateful to have Daniel (in purple) still at home. This weekend the boys are loading their stuff in the back of our van and pickup and hauling it off to the apartment they will share while they go to LCU. It's quite traumatic and thrilling, which is sort of odd since their apartment is only about a mile away from us! It's a small step, but an important step for the family.

There are several great blessings that come to mind at the moment:

1. Having two sons that are faithful Christians is one of the greatest blessings that Brenda and I share.



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