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We hope all of you had a good holiday season. The holidays have been good to us. They have certainly kept us busy. As most of you know the majority of the year I have had to work two full-time jobs and have been going to graduate school as well. However, thanks to the generosity of Chris Swinford and Dwight Whitsett at the Sunset International Bible Institute I received a small financial gift that set me free from one of my full-time jobs back in the middle of October that have allowed me to finally get on the fundraising trail.

January 2008 Goracke Newsletter, Singapore International Bible Institute

Dear Family & Friends,

Greetings to all of you! We hope your new year is off to a good start. As a family, we have been weathering the ups and downs of seasonal sickness. The first week of January I found myself battling a terrible cold which slowed me down a bit, but I managed to return to my schedule of contacting Christians from around the country and sharing with them the vision of the Singapore ministry training institute.

Stamatis Status - January 23, 2008

Steve, Amaro, Eri, Ari

Four short months ago we were not certain if we would have any students enrolled in IBIA. Then we had four, then five, then six and finally it ended up that we have three. Our three full time resident students are: 1) Ermelin Pëllumbi who is from a small village outside of Korce. “Eri” is a 19 year old that completed a high school for foreign languages in June of 2007. Italian was his first language and English was his second language. His family religious tradition is Muslim; 2) Arlind Veshti is from Durres. “Ari” is a 19 year old that completed a high school for art. He has had one year of university. His family religious tradition is Muslim; 3) Amarlind Kepi is from Durres. “Amaro” is a 24 year old that completed high school and then went to two different music schools. Before coming to IBIA he was part of a band. His family religious tradition is Muslim.

Wednesday Morning Report from Athens

Greeting in the Lord dear loved ones,

Welcome to our resurrected “Wednesday Morning Report from Athens.” I say resurrected as for awhile in the past I was sending a Wednesday morning report for awhile to a few folks who were interested in what was going on here on in Athens on a weekly basis. I kind of got away from it the last half of 2007, and decided to get going with it again this year.

I got to thinking that maybe all of you dear ones on my newsletter list might be interested in hearing what’s been happening here in Athens during the last week, so I am starting my Wednesday morning report back up again, and have expanded my mailing out to all of you dear friends and loved ones.

I’ll try to keep these weekly reports shorter than our regular monthly newsletters and hopefully not too boring. Just thought it was a good way to stay in touch with you all and let you know that we think of you all often. It’s also a good way to let you know what’s been going on this past week in the school here in Athens. We hope you enjoy it.



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