Happenings News of churches of Christ in Australia - May 2008

Welcome to this month’s Happenings! Thanks to those who have sent news for this periodical for this month! Thanks to Don & Eleanor Males for their donation to assist with expenses.

Countdown to Singapore

Dear Family & Friends,

The time is near for our departure to Singapore!
We have been busy with all the necessary preparations and have finished up with several visits with supporting churches and brethren. We have one more meeting time with our overseeing church in Seagraves, Texas tomorrow, Sunday the 18th.

We are scheduled to fly out of Lubbock at about 7:00 am on Tuesday the 20th to arrive in Singapore just after 12 am on the 22nd...
Singapore time.

What We Are About At SIBI International

I was asked an interesting question on Sunday morning. I was asked what my job really was at Sunset. I answered that I am a missionary, the Dean of the International Studies Division and an instructor in AIM and Advanced Missions. He asked me, "Okay but what does that mean? What does this SIBI International do?" I told him about the 57 schools in 37 countries and what the schools were like, but this isn't what he wanted. We talked about the conversions, the congregations planted and preachers trained, but this still wasn't what he had in mind. He wanted a mission statement of sorts, and I thought it was a reasonable request. I have never been comfortable with using human words to describe a spiritual work, so I will let the Holy Spirit put our mission statement forth through the writings of the Psalmist.

God continues to open doors of opportunity

We are beginning our preparations to be back at home in the United States for several weeks. While we are there we would like to use our time to rejuvenate ourselves and raise funds. We do not have a working or travel fund. If you would like to become involved or further involved with us we can drive to talk with you if you are within a one day driving distance to Searcy, Arkansas - we must limit our travel due to lack of funding.

Bridging the Nations May 2008 - Zane and Tae Perkins

Two week ago we had 5 families present before the congregation their commitment to raise their children up in the ways of the Lord. All 5 families have babies from 10 months to 3 weeks of age. It was exciting to see the commitment of these young parents. Also one of the fathers, Samuel Espinoza, was baptized this Sunday, because he could not promise to bring his son up in the Lord without getting his spiritual life right first. It was a great day a new birth and 5 parent’s commitment to follow the command in Deut. 6:4-9.

Sunday Ekanem

I just found out that a former Sunset graduate, gospel preacher and the Dean of the CAO Essien Bible School of Nigeria, one of our 57 SIBI International ministry training schools, passed away suddenly at his home in Nigeria. Sunday Ekanem was a beloved graduate, a beloved co-worker and a great man of love and faith. He will certainly be missed.

The funeral details are still to be determined, but we certainly want to be praying for his wife Joy, his children, and all of the Christians in Nigeria who love him and have depended on him.

I was blessed to be with Brother Ekanem at the school and have witnessed his impact in ministry. I was proud to have him as a brother, proud of our common heritage with Sunset and grateful that he was willing to work with us. Soon we will have to see the possible impact this has on the school, but for now we just thank God for this brother and pray for his family, both physical and spiritual.

I will pass along more information as it becomes available.

In Him, Chris

April 2008 Newsletter - Dan Bratcher

Danny Bratcher
Rua Joao Dias Martins, 256
Apto 1001
Boa Viagem, Recife-PE, 51021-540
Telephone – 011-55-81-3341-0499
April 2008
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

You can tell that the winter season is upon us because with it comes the rain. Even though we have days of rain throughout the summer, winter is considered the rainy season because the rain is more frequent. However, that isn’t a bad thing because when winter comes, so do the groups from the states! And there are several groups who will be coming to Recife over the next few months!

One group has already come this month. It was a group of four men from the Hartselle Church of Christ in Hartselle, Alabama. They were here as representatives of their church, which is interested in the possibility of helping us to establish an orphanage here in Recife. It was really a great visit! The men were very enjoyable to be around and seemed to be impressed with the work here, and with the ideas for the orphanage.

Lima Report April 2008

Since I wrote to you concerning the harvest of the grape crop in February, the Lord has has blessed us with a great harvest of souls. As you read last month 7 people were baptized from the Comas church family. This month the harvest continues with 6 more baptisms in the family in Chincha.

Victor is teaching the truth in Chincha and the people are being set free from the chains of superstition, false visions, dreams, and many other religious traditions. One of the men baptized above was involved in witch-craft. He came to Victor tormented by guilt and sick with worry.

Goracke Update - April

Dear Family & Friends,

Greetings to all of you! The month of April proved to be an exciting month of activities for our family. So without delay I’m going to proceed with what has occurred and what will be happening in the near future… Lord willing!



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