SA Report for May 2008

May 31, 2008

Dear Ones:

Whatever would we do without modern-day technology -- email, international banking, and convenient air travel? Many of our missionary friends traveled to Africa back in the 40's and 50's by freighter ship that sometimes took 4 to 6 weeks from the USA, some being stranded for weeks in South America or Europe awaiting the next voyage on to Africa. The jet age improved travel tremendously. When we first arrived in South Africa back in 1969, letters to and from the States required anywhere from 8 to 10 days by air, and 2 to 3 months by sea. Email has changed that.

May Newsletter from Athens

Greeting in the Lord dear friends and family,

Attached please find out latest newsletter from Athens International Bible Institute. It’s been a wonderful month. We pray it has been a wonderful month for you also.

In HIS Mighty Name
Ron and Diana
Athens and Cheyenne

I know I just sent one of these ... but I did promise communication!

Dear Partners

Things are truly moving at breakneck speed! This report highlights the deadlines for funds to be received at Park Central. I cannot tell you how very important that simple detail means to the success of our work … and by “Our” … I mean everything we … you and I are working for. Thank you for your promptness in this effort.

I plan to get at least one more newsletter out before we leave. If you want on our Video list … let me know … I should have one of those out before Sunday.

April-May Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

We pray that this letter finds you doing well. We have truly been blessed this month. We pray that what the Lord has done for us this past month will bless you as well. May you all have continued success as you labor for the master.

In His Service,
Jeremy Desjarlais
Dean of Students
Macquaire School of Biblical Studies

Our first few days in Singapore

Dear Family & Friends,

It is Saturday night our time in Singapore and I just wanted to send out this quick update so you can report to the church you worship and serve with what is happening with the Goracke family.

We have been welcomed here with a "red carpet treatment" by many here. Jaydon & Shayla are still wrestling with the time changes, but are getting closer to sleeping through the night. This will make it easier on mom & dad when it happens too!

We signed a contract on our apartment this afternoon , but will not be able to move into it until this Friday at the earliest. We were excited to see it today! It will make a nice home for our family.

We have been staying with the Winston Chong family from the Pasir Panjang church. Winston serves as a deacon for the church as well as a board member for SIBI Singapore. He and all of his family have just blessed us with their warm hospitality.

Winston's wife, Hong Ngee, helped us to get our Singapore bank account set up on the first day we arrived here as well as helped us with preparations to use certain public transportation. Already we have gone out in exploration to get around by ourselves.

Goracke Family Arrives In Singapore

Charles and Tamara Cook and the students of the Singapore International Bible Institute (pictured here as they completed a course taught by Charles Cook on Revelation) are excited that Tom and Nancy Goracke and their children have finally made it to Singapore!  Our team in Singapore is now complete and SIBI and the Pasir Panjong congregation can now multiply the current classes and mission efforts to surrounding countries. The Goracke family will be staying with Winston Chong (a deacon at Pasir Panjang that works extensively in administering our school) and his family until their apartment is ready to receive them. This is a blessed event and we are thankful to God and to those who are supporting the Goracke family for making this moment possible.

Wednesday Morning Report from Athens

Greetings in the Lord Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

We pray this finds you very well this Wednesday morning. It’s been awhile since we’ve written. You’ve probably thought we’ve dropped off the face of the planet.

We didn’t, we have just been traveling for awhile. We were back in the states visiting and enjoying time with your family as our youngest son Bryan graduated from York College on 10 May. We were excited to be there and spend time with him and enjoy the occasion of him passing this wonderful milestone in his life.

We also had the privilege of meeting his girl friend, Britney Ellis. She is a very sweet girl. She is also a student at York College studying Theater and History. We were wondering why Bryan wanted to wait awhile to continue his studies to be a Chiropractor. We think we understand now. It looks like he is waiting for a special young lady to finish her studies. Mom and Dad are wondering if there is an announcement in the offing. What do parents know?

Letter From The Family Regarding Sunday Ekanem

We have received a letter from Sunday Ekanem Jr. regarding the burial arrangements for Sunday Ekanem Sr (pictured here).

As you will recall, Sunday was a graduate of SIBI (class of 1973) and was working with the External Studies Division and International Studies Division of SIBI in Nigeria at the CAO Essien School of Evangelism. I will share the letter with you in the space below, but want to first let you know that if you would like to help the family with a monetary gift to cover funeral expenses, that would be appreciated. You can send it to SIBI and write on the memo line "Sunday Ekanem family" or send a note with your check. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

In Him,


Missao Aracaju

Open House...

Funny how things don’t always turn out the way that you imagined. In our January letter to you I shared about the group of people that met in Dona Nilza’s house. So full of hope and so full of people.

Well, in February they have this little holiday here called Carnival… you may have heard of it. Anyway I think it’s actually the biggest celebration that happens in the whole world. It’s a nationwide party that starts on a Friday afternoon and ends the following Wednesday at 6 in the morning. Ash Wednesday in fact, but that’s another story. Lots of drinking and dancing, street parties, loud music and of course as the name implies, it’s a party of the “freeing of the flesh”. Not that I’m judging them. But I do grieve. Sinners sin… it’s their job description.

Together Forever - Curitiba, Brazil

We often take for granted the amount of information that is available in the States. Brazil has not had that luxury of the abundance of information. The country of Brazil is very family oriented.

This is a dinner to celebrate the completion of the courseHowever, because of the lack of good instruction many couples struggle with their relationships. The word struggle is a little mild because we all “struggle” with relationships. These struggles here are not always normal. The desire is present, but the “how to” accomplish all that is desired isn’t easily acquired.

For that very reason we began what we call Eternamente Juntos, (Together Forever). It is an eight week course done with seven couples each time. We have encouraged all of the couples here in the congregation to do this at least once.

Most of the married couples in the church have done this course over the last eight years. Many have repeated it several times. It has strengthened many marriages and blessed also the effectiveness of their ministries and evangelism. We have also used this as a means to reach out to those who are not following Jesus yet. We have taught several visiting couples the gospel of Jesus after they finished this course.

We continue to thank God for your support and prayers.

Rod and Linda Nealeigh



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