Greetings! What a blessing it has been to be back in Australia!  We had a blessed time with the Macquarie congregation (more on this later) and have been blessed by the team we already have in place here in Sydney to work with the Macquarie School of Biblical Studies.  Craig and Tomya Peters, with daughter Micah, seem to be a perfect fit for the school and congregation here.  They also seem to have a real appreciation for the culture and love for the lost here.  Craig serves as our Administrative Dean/Missionary here.

Heading Down Under

Greetings. I am, once again, on the road. I am presently in the LA airport awaiting a flight to Sydney, Australia. I will be visiting the Macquarie congregation, meeting with MSOBS (Macquarie School of Biblical Studies) personnel, having a seminar in Adeliade, Australia, meeting with our 2 AIM teams in New Zealand, meeting with the Auckland mission team, and speaking at the Macquarie lectures. What a great opportunity!  I will be meeting the Mark Samsill family (Mark, Kelle, Tyler, Colton and Katie) there and will enjoy being with our good friends from College Hill in Fort Worth.

News from Estonia

Ron & Judy Warpole
June 22, 2008

Dear All … With love and greetings from Estonia …

Monday, June 30th, one hundred fifty campers—from babies to grandmothers—will come together on the campsite on the shores of the Baltic sea. Nikolai will be directing the camp again this year. He would say that he could not do it by himself and turn our attention to the many people who have been participating in the preparation and who will be working unto the Lord to make this camp everything we have all been praying that it would be.

The theme this year is "Adventures for God" and will begin in the first day's lesson with a choice: The Broad Gate or the Narrow Gate! The t-shirts that will be given to each camper have a picture of a map and compass to help everyone understand that we must be very careful to follow God's directions as we journey through our lives on our way to heaven!

Smiths Newsletter - Newcastle, England

Today we awoke to the sun shining forth through a greyish morning sky. This doesn’t last long in Newcastle, being right on the coast of northern England. By the time you have hopped out of bed (or tumbled out of bed – whatever the case may be!) it could be throwing it down with rain with the sun having made a quick getaway. We make the most of sunny days!

Skelton's Move to Romania



Stamatis Status - June 14, 2008

This is IBIA’s last term before our “Summer Break”. We are looking forward to a break from the intensity of our schedule. Our last day of classes for this term is Friday, July 4th. This will also be our “International Focus Day”. We will learn about and pray for the church in the United States. The students will be challenged to use this break to practice what they have learned among their family and friends. Deborah and I will return to the States to continue our work with IBIA (reporting and fund raising).

May 2008 Goracke & SIBI Singapore Newsletter

Dear Family & Friends,

FINALLY!!!... our first newsletter from Singapore! Due to no Internet connection yet at our apartment, I have had limited access to receiving and sending emails because we have spent most of this past week just getting settled into our home. There will be more to come!

Our love to you,
Tom, Nancy, Jaydon & Shayla
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Skelton's Romania Update June 2008

Greetings from Sibiu, Romania!


It is a joy to share with you how God is blessing the work in Sibiu, Romania.  A lot has happened since our last newsletter.  Allow me to briefly share some of the highlights.


On Being or Becoming a Missionary

When people ask me for my job title, I try to tell them, but it actually makes no sense to most people. After spending a few minutes trying to explain what a "Dean of International Studies" is, I generally just say that I am a missionary to a whole lot of countries. I like the idea of having a mission and going on a mission. In fact, all who enter my office at Sunset have to pass a sign on my door that reads, "If God calls you to be a missionary, don't stoop to be a King." Sometimes, however, i forget what an amazing role I am allowed to play in the Kingdom.

Ministry Training - Asia, June 2008 from George Carman

SIBI’s schools in Asia have really progressed over the past few years. In 2003 we had only one school (Batam, Indonesia). Today we have nine schools with the possibility of two more coming on line before the end of the year. Things are coming together and we praise God for His blessings.
Our team of workers in Singapore has now grown to two families. Dr. Cook serves as Resident Dean of the Singapore school and Tom Goracke serves as Dean of students.



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