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Mission Indonesia rpt April 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Israel Newsletter for March

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Egyptian caller news

Dear partners and Family, How are you? My family and I miss you so much. We remember you in our prayer continuously. Please when you receive the attached news letter, continue to pray for us and for each point mentioned in this letter. May our Lord bless you in every thing you do to glorify His Precious Name. For His Glory Alfred Habashy

Atlantis Proclaimer

Bulletin articles by Raymond A. Leonard

April Report from Duane and Phyllis Morgan, Indonesia

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, At the end of two months back on the field, we send this brief report to you. We are finally in Indonesia to stay (with a 12-month visa), with many activities ahead, with many people, across this nation. The brief attachment is just to set the stage for the upcoming marathon of exciting opportunities. Please read it. It is only one page with a concise financial note on the second. Phyllis and I love and appreciate all of you. God bless you. Please continue to pray for us as the marathon of blessings begins!

Jan/Feb Aracaju Newsletter

Well folks, I am always thoughtful and always thankful to put out another report. I pray that this finds you all well and productive in the kingdom. I love you all and I appreciate you reading our humble news!! Thank-you always to the faithful servants at Southgate who print and mail this for us. I love you and I am always mindful of your service to us. I know that Milton is my dad, but no missionary has a more dedicated, faithful and meticulous contact. I love you and I follow you as you follow Christ. God Bless you always!! Marie

BICA March Newsletter

Biblical Institute of Central America is working for the Lord in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras

Israel Newsletter for February

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Atlantis Proclaimer 15-3-15

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard



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