Atlantis Proclaimer 28-9-14

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard

Atlantis Proclaimer

Bulletin articles by Raymond A. Leonard

Israel Newsletter for August

Attached is news from Vermont.

Israel Newsletter for August

News from Vermont

Mission Report on Sumatra Churches

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ, The attached report is from Herbin Simanjuntak who is the assistant director of Batam Bible College and also a missionary when the school is not in session, as are all our instructors. Herbin just graduated with a Masters Degree last month with a 3.8 grade with the highest grade being 4 and will be entering a PhD program later this year. He also preaches and is one of the leaders in the Batam church of Christ.

June-Aug 2014 Aracaju Newsletter

Well Folks,

Israel Newsletter for August

Attached is news from Vermont.

Brazil Mission Report July 26th to Sep. 1st from White Family

God bless each and every one of you brothers and sisters. Continue fired up in the Lord! In times of difficulty, count your blessings. Here is our report for August. Keep fired up, Mark , Juaneylla, Deborah & Barbara White

August newsletter from the Charltons

We hope you enjoy God bless


We pray that you all had a wonderful summer. Maybe like us you are trying to hold on to summer as long as you can! We aren't quiet ready for the cold weather this winter is sure to have in store for us! Blessings to you! The Kings



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