Dec-Jan 2014 African Report

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February Newsletter for the Biblical Institute of Central America

New Baptism

Dear brethren, Please rejoice with us in our new brother in Christ. Mike Philip from Nigeria is a fruit of the Prison Ministry in Athens. He was released last year and last week he expressed during a Bible study with Dino the desire to be baptised for the remission of sins and today he entered the doors of the Kingdom. Please keep him in your thanksgiving prayers to our Lord. Glory be to God!!! In Him Beni

Thanksgiving prayers for our new brother

Dear brethren, Please lift up to the Father thanksgiving prayer for Felix James our new brother in Christ. Felix is from Nigeria, he is a car mechanic and 1st year student in AIBI. During the “Distinctive Nature of the Church of Christ” course, as I was explaining the importance and the requirements of baptism he said “I need to be baptised for the remissions of sins” - and he was baptised. Please rejoice with us in this new precious soul entering the gates of the Kingdom. Love Beni

AIBI 2013 General Newsletter

Dear brethren, The attachment is the 2013 General Newsletter for Athens International Bible Institute (AIBI). Hope and pray God will continue to use and bless every one of us during 2014. Thank you for your kindness, thoughts and support. Love Beni, Sonila

News from Tim Brumfield and Family

Hope you had a great a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a merry Christmas season. God is sooooo good. He let's us help! Please read our latest news attached. Have a very happy day, Tim PS: Notice my new email address.

Baptism of Nancy Teresia

Dear brethren, Please rejoice with us, as Nancy Teresia from Kenya became our youngest sister in Christ. Nancy has been a student in AIBI since last March and she has been always very serious and diligent in her studies. Today, we were studying in AIBI's Biblical Interpretation course how God is expecting us to understand His commands and obey it (taking the baptism as an example), Nancy raised her hand and said "I need to be baptised today for the remission of my sins". Two hours later she was baptised surrendering her life to Jesus. Rejoice, because our Lord is wonderful!!! Love Beni, Sonila

Hello from Lubbock

Hello everyone,

Aug 2013 Monthly Letter

Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle * Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 (USA) * Cell: 076-978-3465 (SA) Skype No.: 865-223-5858 * Email: jvhogg@charter.net August 31, 2013 Dear Ones:

News From the Brumfields

Greetings from Belem, Brazil. Please read our latest newsletter. It is attached in PDF. God bless, SUNSET INTERNATIONAL BIBLE INSTITUTE Tim Brumfield SIBI - Portuguese Speaking World SIBI- (806) 792-5191 Cell- (806) 787-6351 Email Skype- timbrumfield



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