Rejoice with us for our new sister in Athens

Attached is the great news of a new sister in Christ along with pictures of the wonderful occasion.

New students with AIBI

Meet AIBI's new students who enrolled during our First Fall Semester. Their pictures are attached. Maria Falayi - Nigeria Chris Falayi (Maria’s husband) - Nigeria Christina Kanu - Ghana (born in Greece) Malvina Palaj - Albania Josephine Ukworuyua - Kenya Please, keep everyone of them in your prayers as they are starting an amazing journey in the Word of God and hard work is required. They all did well in the exams and it seems that they are really serious about their studies. Love Beni

First day of school for AIBI and "Baptistry project" update

Greetings in the glorious name of Jesus. We had a good start today for the first fall semester with AIBI. Peter did teach “Christian Home” and I taught “Effective Bible Study”. It is always good to be back at School sessions and we pray that God will continue to bless AIBI with more students who are ready to learn His will.

News from the Brumfields

Thank you so much for your kindness and love for the lost. If possible, please read the news attached. So many of you have sacrificed to help our brothers and sisters that are suffering in Mozambique and now our brothers and sisters of South Sudan but are in refugee camps. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Tim Brumfield Sunset International Bible Institute International Department International Student Coordinator Email: Cell: (806) 787-6351 SIBI: (806) 792-5191

Celebrations & Rejoicing

Please check out the latest newsletter from Brandi and Penny Kendall

Relief Program Distribution

Please read about the great distribution program that AIBI in Athens, Greece is conducting to help the students who are struggling because of the job situation in Athens.

Hello from Lubbock

Hello from Lubbock!! Hope your Summer is getting off to a great start! It's still pretty quiet in the AIM basement - but for now, that is a good thing.

AIBI 2016 Class Graduation

Please offer prayers of thanksgiving to our Creator for the following 2016 AIBI graduates. 1. NORA IHUAKUDO UKACHUKWU - Nigeria 2. JUSTINA EMENU - Nigeria 3. SIR AFAM PROMISE - Nigeria 4. GODSON-PETER YOUNG NWAFOR - Ghana 5. ANTHONY S. MUIRURI MWANGI - Kenya 6. ARTEM PERVYI - Ukraine God has blessed us by bringing every one of them into our life and making us part of their hard work and dedication to His Word. They have been with us for many years and we are so sad to see them gone, but at the same time we rejoice with the Lord for this group of qualified workers to His fields.

News from Tim Brumfield

Greetings brothers and sisters. We hope God is blessing you and all is well. Our latest update is attached. God bless you, Tim Brumfield Sunset International Bible Institute (www.sibi.cc) International Department Email: tbrumfield.sibi@gmail.com Cell: 806-787-6351 SIBI: 806-792-5191

Greetings from Ukraine - March 2016

Attached is the great news that is going on in Ukraine.



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