AIMers in Napier, New Zealand

Greetings from chilly, yet extremely cool, Napier! The AIMers in Napier have dealt with some adversity regarding coordinators and other things, but are serving God mightily and doing great things for the Kingdom in Napier. Pictured here (from left to right) are Michael, Michael, Daniel, Rashawn, and Smokey (bottom). They are innovative and diligent and we should all be proud of their efforts. As you can see, when it is summer up there, it is winter 'down under'. Brrr!

Dwight and I left Napier and are now safely with the church planting team in Auckland. We will worship with them this morning and enjoy two and a half days together. Last night, we watched New Zealand and South Africa play Rugby on TV together (congratulations to Jerry Hogg and the other South Africa fans) - bit of a downer here.

Haynes Family Newsletter - July

As you can tell from the latest newsletter, I have been on the road and in the air quite a bit lately. Some was planned. Some was not. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Kevin Newsletter in attached PDF.

AIMers in Tauranga, New Zealand

Greetings from New Zealand where you can enjoy the beach all winter long! Here I am pictured with our Tauranga AIMers: Jana, Kristi, Ashtin and Kayla (in that order - left to right). As you can see, the water is blue, the trees are green and this quartet of young ladies are very happy to be on the AIM field in New Zealand. They are doing a great job of contacting and conversing with non-Christians, getting to know and minister to their church family, getting settled in their new home, and becoming an active part of the local congregation. Dwight and I have both been very pleased with the comments that we have heard regarding these young Christian ladies and it's obvious that the congregation here is being very responsive to them. I feel confident that their time in new Zealand will go well.

Bouncing Around The Globe

Greetings from New Zealand. I am including a picture of Katie Samsill feeding a kangaroo in Adelaide for the "Ahh" factor it will generate. I have pictures of penguins, wombats, wallabies, etc. as well as pictures of our meetings with local leaders, Bible study groups and times in the assembly I will include in later postings. We had a good seminar in Adelaide and then Dwight and I took off for New Zealand. It is an amazing thing to see the Lord's Church in places like Australia and New Zealand! I am abundantly blessed... as well as a little tired.

A Creative God

There are few places I have been where God's creativity is more evident than in Australia (though South Africa is certainly in the running - I will see the giraffes, zebras and baboons again this fall). Going to see some of the sites with the Samsill family, I have seen koala bears, kangaroos, wallabies, a duck billed platipus, little penguins (their actual name), sharks, sting rays, crocodiles, and other "odd" creations. I have pictures of all of these, and will show them to you if you want. Our God certainly is creative and loves variety. God certainly has created a diverse and beautiful world for us to behold. As I was thinking of how He made these unique and different animals, it reminded me of how much He loves us. Only a loving Father would go to such trouble to create a wonderful world like the one we live in.


It is always exciting to visit one of our ministry training schools and to preach and teach in local congregations, but it is even more exciting to do it with a dedicated mission partner. Mark Samsill (pictured left) is a member of the Sunset Council, an elder of the College Hill congregation in Fort Worth (my sponsoring congregation) and a good friend and mission worker. With his family, he came to Australia to bless the Christians here and see this important work.  Mark and I have taught side by side in Malawi, Tanzania, Ukraine, Australia, Texas, Wyoming, South Dakota and probably a few plaves I am forgetting. He has spoken in worship services, classes, seminars and chapel services around the world in Sunset's International Schools and the congregations that support them. We will be returning to Malawi later this year together to continue in the efforts of Sunset and College Hill.


Greetings! What a blessing it has been to be back in Australia!  We had a blessed time with the Macquarie congregation (more on this later) and have been blessed by the team we already have in place here in Sydney to work with the Macquarie School of Biblical Studies.  Craig and Tomya Peters, with daughter Micah, seem to be a perfect fit for the school and congregation here.  They also seem to have a real appreciation for the culture and love for the lost here.  Craig serves as our Administrative Dean/Missionary here.

Heading Down Under

Greetings. I am, once again, on the road. I am presently in the LA airport awaiting a flight to Sydney, Australia. I will be visiting the Macquarie congregation, meeting with MSOBS (Macquarie School of Biblical Studies) personnel, having a seminar in Adeliade, Australia, meeting with our 2 AIM teams in New Zealand, meeting with the Auckland mission team, and speaking at the Macquarie lectures. What a great opportunity!  I will be meeting the Mark Samsill family (Mark, Kelle, Tyler, Colton and Katie) there and will enjoy being with our good friends from College Hill in Fort Worth.

Just When You Get Cynical...

While on a family vacation to Washington DC, the crime capitol of our country (at least this is what I am told), I became 'separated' from my camera bag which held several items including cameras and a cell phone. Panic sets in as your mind races back to everywhere you sat, everything you sat down and who was sitting around you just moments before. Your mind begins to expect illegal phonecalls on your cellphone, devious things done with pictures and pawn shops with barred windows. More than anything else, you think of replacing the items that are estranged from you. You call around for help and are told that no one has seen your bag and that likely someone has taken it. They tell you to just wait a few days, maybe someone will turn it in. You think to yourself, "Yeah right."  I came home and began making plans to move on and replace what was gone.

On Being or Becoming a Missionary

When people ask me for my job title, I try to tell them, but it actually makes no sense to most people. After spending a few minutes trying to explain what a "Dean of International Studies" is, I generally just say that I am a missionary to a whole lot of countries. I like the idea of having a mission and going on a mission. In fact, all who enter my office at Sunset have to pass a sign on my door that reads, "If God calls you to be a missionary, don't stoop to be a King." Sometimes, however, i forget what an amazing role I am allowed to play in the Kingdom.



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