Dear Friends, Thank you very much for all the prayers you have made on behalf of our Laotian brethren who had to stand the persecution last week. All f them sent their love and appreciation to all. As of today, they all had the investigation" done by the police and local authority. The charge was "Performing Religious Activity Without Permission'. All of the went home safely. They were told not to meet again to worship their God. They will have to wait till they get permission to meet from the Provincial Authority. They day they eat again, they will be arrested. Money was sent to pay the fine. It was 10,000,000 kips. Thank you for Kim, Wassana, churches and individual who stepped in to help. They are preparing the papers required by the authority to ask permission to worship. Please pray for this. It was very difficult to get one in the past, but our God can provide. I am in contact with the church leaders in Laos constantly. They have great spirit. Their with in God is very strong. They are seeking ways to be Christians and being able to reach out. Pray for these heroes. God's blessings, Patinya & Penjai Thailand From the desk of Patinya