In South Africa

Greetings!  I have a good internet connection! I am in South Africa in a flat located in the Southern Africa Bible College building in Johannesburg. I now have internet, but no monkeys racing around in the trees above my head. I guess it's a fair trade off. I am taking good pictures and will share some with you upon my return. Tomorrow I head to Port Elizabeth to see our AIMers and then will be off to Botswana. What a blessing to be able to serve God this way!

The future for Malawi looks promising. I forsee an army of evangelistic Christian soldiers taking the region by storm. We witnessed baptisms, Bible studies, bicycles that were ridden to other nations on mission trips, and so much more!  It was an evangelistic thrill!  It revives my soul to see such a spirit of evangelism present in the local church. We have much to teach. We have much to learn.

In Him,  Chris


Hello Chris: You seem like the perfect man to work with Truitt. I applaud the choice. Times are going to get harder. I hope that most of the focus of the leadership will be on keeping SIBI before the church. Sometimes, folks can get caught up in other good things and miss the most important thing. God Bless, Bill Smith