Wednesday Morning Report - 7/9/08

Greetings in the Lord this hot summer day.

Yep, this morning here in Athens we woke up to another hot summer day. It was 88 degrees already in Athens this morning and is expected to break 100 degrees this afternoon. It is hot. We hope it’s not as hot where you are.

It’s been another good week in the school here in Athens. We all seem a bit lonely this term, without the six of our students who graduated last month. The place seems kind of empty. Yet we are still diligent in our studies. We move towards our last final exams for this school year this upcoming week. I know the students always enjoy those. They really like the memory work.

This term we have really been enjoying our study in Biblical Leadership in the church. We have been taking an in-depth study of the qualifications of and the qualities needed for a man to be an elder in the church today. This is a study that I have been working on for several years and feel it is very needed in many of our churches today. We need to be developing good sound biblical leaders with the qualities and characteristics we see in Christ.

We have also been enjoying out studies of Romans and 2nd Corinthians. Both exciting and challenging studies to finish the year.

We finish up classes this next week and then it’s break time for the rest of the summer. The students are looking forward to the break and I am particularly excited about heading back and being reunited with my lovely bride on the 17th. She is continuing to recover quite nicely, or at least that’s what she reports. And we look forward to being back together again.

School begins back again on the 14th of September. In the meantime we will be back in the states from the 17th of July until the 1st of September. We will be limiting our travels this summer, because of Diana’s recovering from surgery. Don’t think she can stand too much time on the road. And we have also been hearing about the very high price of gasoline back home. Guess we won’t be driving too much. Of course I was figuring out gas prices here the other day and figured the Greeks are paying nearly $7.50 dollars a gallon here. Don’t see how there can still be all those cars on the road at that price.

Well, better let you go before this gets too long. We love you all and pray that you are having a very good week where you are.

Luv Ya
In HIS Mighty Name
Ron in Athens
Diana in Cheyenne