Bouncing Around The Globe

Greetings from New Zealand. I am including a picture of Katie Samsill feeding a kangaroo in Adelaide for the "Ahh" factor it will generate. I have pictures of penguins, wombats, wallabies, etc. as well as pictures of our meetings with local leaders, Bible study groups and times in the assembly I will include in later postings. We had a good seminar in Adelaide and then Dwight and I took off for New Zealand. It is an amazing thing to see the Lord's Church in places like Australia and New Zealand! I am abundantly blessed... as well as a little tired.

New Zealand is a green wonderland. If you have seen the "green scenes" in Lord of the Rings, you have some idea of what I am surrounded by since it was filmed here. More impressive than the scenery is the work of our AIMers. We are here today with Kayla, Ashtin, Kristi and Jana in Tauranga and are so pleased to see them reaching out to people in the community and working in their congregation. I will be climbing a mountain this afternoon and recording their comments and encouragement to the next AIM class and getting some pictures to let you see what they are doing here. Tomorrow we will head on to Napier to see Michael, Daniel, Michael, Alison and possibly RaShawn (It's possible she may already be out of the country - returning to the US to go to school). What a joy it is to visit these AIMers and see the great work they are doing!

As Dwight and I sat on the runway in Sydney while the airplane mechanics addressed the problems with the altimeter, I was thinking that I had just about had enough of bouncing around the globe. Then the engines whirred back to life, we flew into New Zealand and we began to see the church at work again, and I remembered why I enjoyed it so. What a blessing!

More later...