Brazil Update from Danny Bratcher

May 2008
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would like to start this letter with an apology. As you can see, this is my May newsletter. I have become a victim of “the work” here. I have been extremely busy, and I have not taken the time to keep you informed. For that, I am truly sorry!

The month of May started out with a road trip! Randy, Lee, and I went to two different cities to encourage the churches and their work. The first was the city of Delmiro Gouveia, which is several hours southwest of Recife. There is an elderly Brazilian couple there, who have planted a church in their own house. I met this couple on our bus to the seminar in Sao Paulo this year, so it was nice to see them and encourage them.

The second city was Maceio, which is a costal city south of Recife. Randy has planted a Brazilian mission team there. This team is made up of three Brazilian families, with two of the families being related to Lee (her brother, her uncle, and their families). While we were there, Randy taught a class on two different nights. My job was to help with setting up, welcoming and serving the people as they arrived, and as they left. These classes actually resulted in a couple of Bible studies for the Maceio team after we had left.

Another exciting ministry that we have the opportunity to be involved with is LST, or Let’s Start Talking, which is an organization that sends teams of Americans to the mission field for six weeks to teach English using Biblical material. We have a great team of two young women, and two young men from Memphis, TN. Their work here has been very successful, and we pray that some of their readers will want to continue to study the Bible with us after the LST team leaves next month!

We had a great Mother’s Day this year, or rather a Mother’s weekend! I say weekend, because we had Mother’s Day projects for the Procrescer children, as well as the children at the camp area on Saturday. We did the same for the children at the Boa Viagem church on Sunday. Lee and I made pictures of each child for their mothers, and the children made gifts, with candy, for their mothers.

On an exciting note, Lucilenne, one of the mothers of two of the Procrescer children, who walks with the children every Saturday for their class, was baptized after the children’s class on Saturday, May 17! Lee has been studying with her for over a year, and Lucilenne decided that it was time for her to give her life to Christ!

On Sunday, May 18, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the church in Boa Viagem, as well as the baptism of Lucilenne! Several members of the church invited everyone who had ever attended the church in the past ten years, so we had a great turnout!
Following the service, we had “dinner on the grounds,” followed by a cake-cutting ceremony celebrating the day!

The work on the orphanage continues to go well! The men from the Hartselle Church of Christ, who came last month, are presenting the information they have to the church this month. These men have already begun to invest their own money to begin to have block walls built around the camp area, and have asked to hire a director for the orphanage. When the men were here last month, they had the opportunity to met Maciel, a great Christian Brazilian, who has had years of experience with the orphanage in Sao Paulo. The men were impressed with his experience, and have now asked for him to be the director! With all that these men have already begun, we pray that the Hartselle church will want to continue the work that these men have started!

As I stated in my last letter, I have now reduced my Portuguese classes to three times a week to give me time to absorb the material. However, with all the work that is going on here, and the work preparing for the groups that will be coming in June and July, I have not been having as many classes I as would like.

The month of May literally ended with me getting a car! I was able to buy a 2002 Fiat Doblo, which is like a 7 passenger mini-van. When I was looking for a car, I wanted to find something that would serve the ministry here. With all of the groups that come here, and the need for transportation for them, I prayed for this car, and those prayers were answered! Thank you for all of your prayers as well!

Also, Lee and I continue to grow closer! It is such a blessing for me to be able to work each day along side of such a strong servant of God! Lee never ceases to amaze me with her giving heart, and her Christ-like spirit! Even when she is tired, she continues to give her all! When I am tired, I think of her spirit, and that helps to keep me going!

If you would, please add these things to your prayer list.
1. For the lost people of Brazil
2. For the growth of the Boa Viagem church here in Recife
3. For the success of the Bible and preaching school here in Recife
4. For the success of all the upcoming projects and visits
5. For the children of the Procrescer project
6. For the planting of the orphanage and the incoming orphans
7. For God to help me in learning Portuguese
8. For the exchange rate to increase
9. For Lee and me
10. For all the work done here to glorify God!

Every month, I intend to shorten these newsletters so they are not so long, but as you can see, God is really keeping me busy here, and I have much news to share with you! I pray that even though these letters are sometimes long, that you can enjoy them with the opportunity to see the work that is being doing with your prayers and support!

With the Love and Peace of Christ,
Danny Bratcher