Palmer Family Update

"Howdy Ya'll..."

Or in the Northwest, "Sup?!"

This is Matthew Palmer writing to you from the beautiful NW region of Woodinville, WA. Right now it's 65 degrees and partly cloudy (just the way I like it). I must say, I do miss everyone down in SIBI; I hope all of you are doing well (my family and I are continuing to pray for the alumni and faculty every Monday). Sometimes, I wake up and I have the sweats because I feel like I missed an assignment or something.

My family is great! Kristie feels at home again. We temporarily live with her cousin who owns an acre and a large house. Currently, there are 5 adults and 8 children living under one roof. If you're silent enough, you can hear the house sigh at night sometimes. Oh, and there are 2 dogs and 2 rabbits in the house, and a wild cougar that is roaming the neighborhood. Who would have thought that? The accommodations are small, but the Lord has provided for us while staying there - it has truly been a blessing.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update as to where we are and what we're doing! I was hired on by the Woodinville Church of Christ as the Youth and Family Minister. This congregation is one of the larger in the Seattle area for Churches of Christ (Regular attendance - 330). The preacher here is Colquitt Nash (formerly at Plainview where the Weiss crew is at) and he's an excellent man. Also, I'm working with a great group of Elders and Deacons that are quickly getting my feet wet. Actually, they just picked me up and threw me in the pool, but that was to be expected. We have a youth group of about 50 teenagers, and many more are coming into the youth group in the next few years. The parents are very supportive and active in the program; long story made short, I've been welcomed with loving and open arms.

I hear that Truitt will make it up for Renewal '08 at the Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, OR. I will be attending with Kristie and the gang on Thurs and Friday. We have many friends and family in that area so we will stay with them (The Youth Minister at Southwest was my youth minister growing up). I hope to see Truitt there!

We have not found a permanent residence yet... Our house in Lubbock has not sold, and doesn't look like it will sell anytime in the near future. We are looking for houses to rent here in the area, but prices are high and vacancy is rare. If you could add us to 'the prayer list,' that would be great! We have been real tight on money since our trip back up (Diesel for the moving truck alone was $1200), but we still have food on the table. Soon, I will actually get paid for what I'm doing... I've been muzzled for sometime :)

This e-mail address is my new e-mail that was set up for me as the new minister. If you would like to use this as my contact, that would be good. I still have the same phone number - 253-797-6061 - if anyone would like to contact me by phone. The work here is great, and the fields are WHITE... so pray for the laborers, because boy... we need them. I didn't think youth ministers worked so much, I thought I'd be playing ping pong all day (just kidding Gibby).

On a serious note, this area is ripe with opportunity for evangelism. I'm currently working with a teen who was abused as a child and has had drug addictions and the like. He used to hate God and all Christians, but he's slowly seeing the light. Teenagers like him are EVERYWHERE. One more prayer if I may be so bold - the work here may be more than I handle. I pray that God is the one who handles it. Love you guys and hope your ministries go well!

To God Be The Glory,
Matthew Palmer